Thursday, May 31, 2007

Good morning! ;-)

* I have four clocks at home, each one showing a different time. I wonder which one is correct.

* I finished another book: Angels and Demons, by Dan Brown. Predictable, easy to read, entertaining. It doesn't harm. Some people take this guy too seriously and can be offended (if Catholic) or supportive (if anti-Catholic). As for myself, I couldn't care less about religion overall (it doesn't mean I am faithless or that I think religion is bullshit, not at all; I'm just not into the institution thingy).

* I wonder if there is a film about Oscar Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Gray. The book is quite good and spooky. I remember asking the same question when I finished reading Perfume, and many years later, there you go. I haven't seen it yet though.

* Next book in cue: Gods behaving badly.

* Little bird said that the weather this weekend will be nice. Good, good, because we have good plans. Friday, gypsies' show, Saturday Lelei's parteeeeey, Sunday barbecue & swimming pool (hehe).

* My day is just starting... surprise, surprise!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

New member in the family

My dad’s got a cat! In fact, it is his wife’s cat, but since they live in the same house… It is a Siamese cat and it is 3 months old. Oooooohhhmnnnn. The name? Charles. I asked my dad if he was paying tribute to Charles, the Prince. He gave his explanation, which I can’t remember now, but it doesn’t have anything to do with Tampax boy. Oh, well, listening to the stories, I can see my dad and his wife are having a great time with the new “baby”. Very practical these two: since they can’t get a grandchild, they get a baby cat.

Sorry, I don't have photos. Computer, internet, digital camera: technology is too complicated to my dad!

But I found this photo online and since cats look all the same, let's pretend he is Charles! :-D

An empty mind is the Devil's workshop

Fact: I think too much. Another fact: not everything I think about is relevant and useful. I think just for the sake of thinking. I don't want to become a philosopher (just between you and me, I think philosophy is one of the most boring subjects EVER. I would be happier studying... chemistry). Lucky me, because I wouldn't, even if I wanted to. On the other hand, I think so much about my life, my problems and possible solutions that I don’t even have to pay analysis or buy self-help (?) books.

Am I alone in this world of people that waste too much time thinking about useless things? I was walking home carrying my luggage and to avoid getting annoyed by the noise of the wheels scratching the irregular cement ground I started thinking. I usually think to avoid boring things. Suddenly a terrifying thought spotted in my mind: I can’t distinguish flowers!

Except, of course, the obvious ones: rose, tulip (my favourite) and daisy. But that’s it. One of these days Cipri pointed to a tree full of cute flowers and said: ‘those flowers, they are lilacs, and in Romanian we say Lilac (or something similar). How is it in Portuguese?’ It took me about 3 minutes to say “Lilás”. For me, lilás has always been a color. But then again, rosa and violeta are also both color and flower names. So it makes sense. Then he pointed another flowerish tree and asked ‘what about that one?’. How am I supposed to know? I didn’t study biology. It reminded me of my mom in her garden showing me her flowers and plants and saying names that I couldn’t memorized. The only flowers I ever had were a bunch of little cacti that my mom gave to me – “they are perfect to you, because you don’t need to take care of them and still your house will look a bit livelier”. I have to confess that I felt a bit depressed and less feminine thinking about that.

Am I not a “traditional” girl? I don’t care about flowers, I don’t know how to cook, I don’t like to spend money (especially with clothes), and when I get anxious and I NEED to buy something, I buy things like a sleeping bag! I don’t like make-up, I don’t know how to blow dry hair (I don’t even have a hair dryer), I can’t stand high hills (but I force myself to wear them),… I like rugby, big trousers, tennis shoes, to sit on the floor, and playmobil. But I also suffer of TPM, am paranoid about weight, wanna keep the curves after loosing 10 kg, love dresses, wish my boobs were bigger, can’t live without waxing and having the eyebrows done, hate insects, say “auuuhnnnn” to cute things, love bikinis, and wish I could take the whole Ikea home. Oh, well. I am normal on my own way.

just another post

Sometimes I just wished this blog was in Portuguese. So much easier to write in my mother tongue. But again, I have to practice English if I wanna stay here for the next years.

Do I want to stay in London for the next years? I guess so. By "next years" I mean the next... 15 years or so. My dear reader (one thing I love about the English language is that there is almost no gender in nouns - better than having to think politically correct and write leitor/a) must be thinking that this is quite odd, since the only thing I do is to complain about London.

Let me defend myself! I do complain about London. The place is one of the most expensive countries in the world, finding a good job is not that easy, some neighborhoods are ugly and even dangerous, most of the people have no hygienic habits whatsoever, there are rats everywhere, the houses are small and old, the sky is 80% of the time gray… and I can continue on and on and on. But I never said this is the worse place in the world! It is not better than Rio, but it is not worse than Brasília. I would change living in London to living in Kansas, for example. Or Dubai. Or Oslo.

The reason why I complain is just because I think it is more fun to complain than to say “oh, I see butterflies, the world is so colorful and beautiful, the wind is like opera to my ears”. Opera is so damn boring! Anyway, I lost my train of thought here. Nevermind.

Friday, May 25, 2007


Vou até escrever em português porque não vai fluir na língua gringa. Tô eu aqui morreeeeeeeeeeeendo de tédio ao cubo, numa vontade louca do mundo acabar porque tá muito chato, sabe? Nessas horas, minha amiga e meu amigo, eu dano de fuçar a vida alheia. Na boa, colocou na internet é porque é público, né, não? Ser humano que se expõe em orkut, blogs, fotologs, blá blá blá, é porque gosta de aparecer. E fala aquela que tem dois blogs e um fotolog (mas parei aí, até meu perfil do orkut anda capenga).

O que que eu queria escrever mesmo?

Ah, sim... tô eu fuçando todos os sites, perfis, e blogs possíveis (sim, amiga/o leitor/a, até o do seu amigo e do amigo do seu amigo - já estou cheia de novos fotologs de bebês recém-nascidos para acompanhar o crescimento, ver os primeiros passos, os dentinhos, pensar com meus botões "como você tá crescido" ou "é a cara do avô!", etc.), quando me deparei com um blog de uma desconhecida muito engraçada. Até aí, morreu Neves, quase todo mundo consegue ser engraçado na net. Rumbora, Christina, pára de enrolar.

Ok, tudo isso para falar que eu descobri que essa pessoa começou a escrever o blog dela em 2001!!!! Carajo! Eu nem sabia que blog é tão velho assim!!!!! Detalhe que a fofa ainda manda na bucha que resolveu ter um blog apesar de não curtir modas e modismos. Em 2001 já era moda???? E eu que fui apresentada à parada em... 2005, achando que era "A" novidade. Caipira é fogo, né, não? Volta pro countryside, menina!

Depois dessa, vou dormir!

Ok, já tô indo, mas um último comentário: com um blog tão velho assim, daqui a pouco a pessoa junta e faz um livro "Minhas Memórias" ou "Perólas da Minha Vida Internáutica", né? Tudo bem que só a mãe vai comprar, mas já vale para aquela história de "plantar uma árvore, ter um filho, escrever um livro: pronto, posso morrer".

Agora vou mesmo, boa noite procês! Amanhã é sexta feira. :-D

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Films I've seen lately

I haven't been to the cinemas that often. Sad, because every month Cineworld takes £ 13.99 out of my bank account so I can go to their screening rooms whenever I want and see whichever film I like.

* Painted Veil

For natural born romantics, that believe that love can be anywhere, just waiting for you. I'm not one of those people, but I liked the film.

It was shot in China, and the views are breathtaking! After this film, China went to my Top 5 Must Go Places 2008.

I don't want to spoil the film, so I will say only that it is a film about learning to love.

* 28 Weeks Later

It's a good bad film, if you know what I mean. If you don't like horror films at all, don't bother to see this. It's full of "boo" moments, which I don't like, but also, hmmm, fun. Well, maybe it is because I live in London and it is about a virus that destroys the whole city, transforming people into zombies. Have you seen Resident Evil? It's the British version. BTW, I like Resident Evil a lot, both of them.

* This is England

I wonder is this film will screen in Brazil. Maybe in cinemas such as Espaço Unibanco. It's an interesting film, about England in the beginning of the 80's, when some skinheads started with the Nationalist bullshit and transformed into the skinheads we know. Depressing, but a true story. If you think Falklands Island should be called Malvinas and returned to Argentina, this film will make you even angrier.

The soundtrack is great! Check it out on the official website:

And that's about it. I'm still deciding if I should see Spider Man, and trying to figure out how I am going to be up to date with all the films coming out!


I've decided to have my nails done, both hands and feet. I mean, I did my own nails, not paid to have them done. A girl has to be shaved/waxed and with the nails done. It is part of being a woman. Otherwise we would be just animal, right? Whatever, my pawns are decent now. It's not a great job, but I've done worse.

** Stupid question: what can happen to your nails if you use expired nailpolisher?

Full of ideas

There was this cute little boy sitting by my side at the train today. Tiny, I would say three years old. He had hicups and was stressed with the noise of the train. He spend the whole trip covering his ears to avoid the noise. I have to confess that it is annoying; it's just that I am too used already. Anyway. The boy. The cute little boy with hicups and so sleepy. I was coming back home after an irritanting 10 minute meeting. So I decided I want to be a babysitter. Of cute little sleepy boys with hicups. Looking at Gumtree already (

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Music & Me

Tonight we will go to a show of a Brazilian violinist. For free. This means that I am already enjoying the program. When you are far away from home, you tend to enjoy everything that reminds you home. I might cry next time I listen to funk pancadão and gunshots. A couple of days ago I watched some snippets of Chacrinha's show and it was a mix of missing the good times and embarrassment for spending my Saturday afternoons watching that thing!

Cipri played a track of this Romanian gypsy band we are going to see next week and he was saying exactly that: this is the type of music that he didn’t like – and was ashamed of – but in London he will not only see them live, but also paid 20 quid for the ticket! At least there is a possibility to meet Johnny Depp there. If this is the case, it will be the most well-spent £ 20 in History. At least my history! :-)

Minimum is maximum

I'm happy having just gmail as email, blogger as blog, and MSN as chat. Since I am a bit over, I have a UOL fotolog, yahoo messenger (which I barely use), Skype, UOL Phone, Gtalk, Orkut. Those I still can manage. But what the heck should I do with Hi5, Tagg, Multiply, My Space, Linkd In and so many other stuff I receive invitation to join?! Honestly, can somebody be everywhere all the time properly???? I like to talk and tell stories, but I barely manage three (photo)blogs. I wonder how much free time one has to have to be all over the net.

There we go again

Saturday we are flying to Oslo. Hopefully the weather will be as lovely as London RIGHT NOW. Most expensive city in the world: here I come! Not sure about what to expect of this trip. :-/

I hate phones, I love phones

My phone has been ringing since 8h45 am. Some very pleasant calls, others necessary, others, oh, well, whatever. The problem with pleasant calls I receive is that most of the time they are followed by a "Perfect! I'll get back to you as soon as I have an answer". How can one not be dying of anxiety after this? Hmm, okay, I am not that anxious. I'm a bit bored.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Another artist friend

My friend Mari is an undiscovered talent. Well, in fact, with 21st century busy life and living in this expensive city, she cannot afford to simply live out of her handicraft. At least not now. But slowly - maybe because of her annoying friends saying she should dedicate more to this - she is saving some time, creating new things, and promoting her work. I'm a fan and a client. I love personalized gifts and handcrafts.

If you want to have a look at her work, check this website: Much more to come! :-)

(personalized cushion)

Trying not to think about the killer spider...

... I am updating my travel blog (in Portuguese, sorry).

Budapest part is done! :-) Now gonna work on Munich. All photos by Cipri Miclaus.


There is a HUGE spider in the room and I can't kill it!!!!!! Ugly furry leggy animal!!!!!! And don't tell me it is not dangerous because it looks dangerous. I'm stressed and scared to death! :-(

Damn city full of spiders and insects and rats!!!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Damn it!

I so wish I knew more about templates and all these damn codes. I can't seem to understand my blog's template and to avoid killing it completly, I will leave this bar the way it is. Hunf!
Boy, so many videos to edit. I was looking at my files and I haven't edited stuff od Denmark and Italy yet. I guess I didn't film anything in Budapest or Munich, which is a relief.

Somebody once said I could wash tennis shoes in the washing machine. Is it true?! I'm washing two of them now and the noise they make when they bump into the washing machine door and sides is scary. I hope it won't break the damn thing.

So... I will become a blood donor very soon. I tried to donate in Brazil four times and only one succeeded. Funny enough it was for Herbert Vianna, while he was still in the hospital. Well, not exactly for him, I supposed, but to replace part of the blood he used. I think it is a very nice gesture and I am not afraid at all, but I had bad experiences with amature nurses that almost blew my veins. It's ugly! I'll give another try, this time in London. I hope I save some lives and my place in Heaven will be secure, despite not being always a good girl. :-P


Does somebody know how I can find the jingle of Cornetto ice cream????

Updating my agenda!

Loads of things to do these next days, not all of them are so interesting (cleaning the house? trying to fit your clothes in a two-door wardrobe and tiny drawers?).

By the way, I had this funny thought of throwing away all the clothes, shoes, accessories, that I don't use or don't fit me and just keep things that will fit comfortably in the space I have. Sounds reasonable, but I don't have the guts. Yet. Pre-period about to come, everything is possible.

So possible that I am this close to subscribe Tesco's Diet online. 12 weeks for the price of 8, £ 24.00 overall. Tempting.

I have started taking my diet pills today. I'm hungry. And anxious. My right foot still hurt and I have breathing problems, otherwise I would run, Forest, run in the streets of Brockley.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Raindrops keep falling on my head

After a great month of April, not too hot, but not cold at all, the weather decides to do what it knows best: irritate us! This damn instability also acts on our sense of humour and it is impossible to keep smiling all the time - honestly, most of the time. I'm locked at Cipri's home because I don't want to get soaked while carrying luggage/bags to my place. Porca miseria!

Plus, I hurt my right foot in Germany and it is still hurting. Working on high heels didn't help much and I am hoping that a few days at home will heal it.

So, as you can see, my humour is not in its best shape. Neither my body, so I decided to take drastic action: take pills to control my monster appetite. Before you give me that look, it will be just for four months and to help me keep on the diet. With the damn foot hurt, I couldn’t go to gym (but I guess I will this week), which makes everything even harder. The pills arrived today (I had to buy them online, since I need prescription to get them from a local pharmacy) and I’m starting the “treatment” tomorrow. I’m also thinking about signing up for one of those online diet programs, such as weightwatchers or Tesco Diets. Let’s see what will happen.

The bright side of having such horrible weather is that I am reading more (commuting for over an hour also helps). I’ve finish a silly-but-nice book these days, and started two others, one about “the secrets of the airline industry”, with loads of shocking behind-the-scenes stories, and the other is Oscar Wilde’s “The Picture of Dorian Gray”. Yeah, two extremes, but well, I am an extreme person.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

It's been a while...

... since I've last posted here. April 10th, to be more precise.

Besides coming back exhausted from Italy, and going to the gym twice the weekend after it, we went to Budapest and for a picnic at Greenwich.

I'm also very traumatized of putting on 3 kilos in a month and a half (no, I'm not pregnant) and not fitting in ANY of my clothes, not even the new ones. Diet, from today one. By the end of the year I want to be 7 kg slimmer! Either that or I'll cut off my stomach - do you hear, stomach! Stop complaining, coz you won't have no food!

Yes, my stomach is complaining again. I had a cup of tea instead of giving him what he wants (yeah, my stomach is a HE) - without sugar!

And I'm still hungry! And I'm going to the gym! :-D

So, enjoy yourselves with some pics from the last two weekends, while I'll put my gym outfit on.

And Saturday I'm going to Munich! Gonna continue my diet there. hehehe


Our trip to Budapest was more than just turism. Budapest was never in my to go list, I've never heard much of it before, and Poland and Czech Republic were on top of my Eastern Europe list (Romania too).

The purpose of the trip was to meet Anca, Cipri's sis, and Peter, her husband-to-be. They are getting married on June 30th and they wanted to give us the invitation in person. :-) They are a quite loving couple, I'm sure they will be very happy together.

Brothers & Sisters: Erika (Peter's sis), Peter, Anca and Cipri.

One of the views from the top of one of the hills. We walked like camels, but it was great!

Me, in front of something...

Another nice view. That bunch of trees in the middle of the river (BTW, it's the Danube - Brazilians: é o Danúbio!!!) is an island. St. Margit... i guess.

Views, views, and more views!

Ahmmm... well... somewhere inside the castle!

Loving couple taking romantic pictures! :-)

The Picnic

I will confess you something. The last time I went to a picnic was when I was 9 years old. A picnic with school, at the Zoo or something like that. Shame on me. So here are some photos of our lovely picnic on a sunny Saturday.

Chris, Cipri & Barny
Barny & Mari

Roberto playing freezbie!

Cipri playing freezbie!

Chris playing freezbie!
My muscles were soar after this heavy exercise. But it was really good!!! When will be the next one????