Sunday, October 28, 2007

The house!!!! (Still to become a home)

Welcome to our humble house!

As many houses in London, the original two floor house was divided in two flats and ours is located on the ground floor. The entrance is at the back - the main entrance at the front leads to the upper flat.

There's a little wooden gate that takes you to this area, our flat. The window near the rubbish bin is our room's. Every Tuesday we need to take the bin outside; it's when the garbage people collect it. We forgot last Tuesday and now the bin it full and we are trying to squeeze the remaining rubish in.

So many little things we have to get used it...

This is the house entrance. Well, second entrance, as the first is the wooden gate.

If you follow the corridor you get to our little garden. It's quite messy now, because the weather is not inviting for barbecues or so. Also, we need to sort inside to then decide what to do outside. I have many plans, such as getting a barbecue, a shelter, outdoor heathers, chairs, plants...

Back to the main house... when you open the door, you have this... a tiny laundry area. Usually the wahsing mashing is inside the bathrooms or kitchens. Not too bad to have an area for it.
From here on, you will find pictures of our house in order of appearance. Suggestions are very welcome. :-) Visitors too!

The bathroom

The bathroom wasn't in the original plan of the house. It was built recently and although is new it is a bit weird. And humid. And I have to fight against the worms (snails without the house... slugs?). Disgusting.

These shelves need some organizing. Next item in my list.

The kitchen

As you could see, the entrance of the house is a bit tight. When you get to the kitchen you can see the other room already - part because it is small, part because it doesn't have a 2nd door. Three steps and you are out of the place. One side we have some storage, the microwave and the sink. And the window where you can see the corridor.

And the other we have the oven/stove/hob (not sure what the names are), the fridge/freezer, and some more storage. I'm still struggling with this layout, as I don't have much space near the oven/stove/hob to prepare the food. Not sure if I mentioned before, but I need space, especially when it comes to kitchens and bathrooms. For those who don't know London, space is something rare and very expensive.

The... dining room? The messy room? Office?

Here you can see the room right after the kitchen. We don't have a door dividing them (there used to be one, but the previous tentant took it out). We thought about putting some sort of curtain there, but I'm guessing that actions won't replace thoughts this year.

One of the sides, where the table and the computer are (it's less messy now, yey).

The other side, where the books and others are. It's less messy, but it still has loads of things we don't know where to put. The luggage was returned to Mari. :-) We still have some wall on this side, and we were just discussing if we would put that wardrobe you will see below (in the bedroom).

And here is the corridor that takes us to the bedroom and the living room. On the right we have some storage space - it's full of boxes, luggages, etc. Very useful.

The bedroom

Our bedroom is quite small. And it will be even worse when we receive the two wardrobes and the chest drawer.

We got a king size bed, very comfy and nice.

Nothing much has changed since the photos were taken. This horrible shelf-wardrobe thing is temporary. We don't know where it will go once the wardrobes are in place. By the way, the wardrobes don't match with the bed. Bugger.

These are our most used clothes. And some of the things we didn't know where to put (picnic set, sleeping bags, etc.). The rest of the clothes are all over the living room, as you will seem (at least some bits) below.

We are very slow with the house decor, but I don't feel very keen to organize the house until I know where everything will stay. :-S

The living room

So, this is where the house "ends". The window faces the street, or the entrance of the original house.

Little has changed since when these pictures were taken. Now we have the Sky box and the broadband rooter and another curtain.

This blue thing on the floor will be substituted by a (-bed) when we decide to visit IKEA - or even buy online. The clothes are there temporarily - until we receive the wardrobes, which will be in the next couple of weeks (fingers crossed).

When the weather is shit (90% of the time) we have to dry the clothes inside the house. We choose to leave them by the heather, to dry them faster, but sometimes it takes 2-3 days to dry the clothes in-door. Oh, the fire place doesn't work. And besides the sofa (maybe two), we don't know yet what else we will have in the living room.

So, this was our little house. Still a long way to go. We will post pictures when we have some progress. :-)

Monday, October 22, 2007


Don't get too close otherwise I might bite you. Geez, I'm in such a horrible mood. There's this say in the likes of the more negative you are the more negative your life will be (or something like that). I've been so grumpy lately that maybe it is because of the things aren't working that well.
Today I was 15 minutes locked outside the house because the damn key decided not to open the door. I was about to punch the windows - as I did when I was 10 years old - when I decided to call Cipri to ask where he was. He is so sweet; he knows when to keep his cool when everything is about to fall apart. If he had said "yeah, go for it", I would have smashed the windows.
Instead, I cursed the landlord, the landlords party, the landlord's family, the landlord's neighbourhood, and you got the point.
There's nothing worse than being locked outside the house when you are desperate to pee (if you are a boy, it's not such a big deal...).
Oh yeah, we have ONE curtain (the bedroom one; we are still waiting for the one in the living room), a landline, internet and Sky TV. Progress. And I need to find my camera's recharger. Bare with me and soon you'll get some nice pictures of the new house.

Sunday bloody Sunday

A bit blurry, but you know, we are pros and it's hard to take pictures when the object is in usch high speed.

Sunday we went ice skating. Not too bad, but after standing up for 10 hours on Saturday, and going to gym this morning, I feel like my legs are going to fall off.

I have some photos from the new house. Internet will be installed until Thursday, so come back soon to see some fresh images of home sweet home.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

2008 project

I don't like to celebrate victory before the end of the game, but I cannot hold it for myself.
Today I woke up at 5.50am to go to gym!
7.30pm I was shaking 'my lazy bum' (just Brazilians will understand that one) on the spinning class at the Piccadilly La Fitness. Geez, how heavy I am! My whole body is in pain now, but hopefully I will go on Friday again. Fingers crossed.

Two years...

Next Monday, the 15th, Cipri & I will celebrate two years together. Aaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwww, how cute!
Although we've been quite busy with work, commuting, sorting the furniture, opening boxes, we celebrate on Sunday. Nothing really big, just a little something to remind us of the wonderful 730 days we've spent together.

Home sweet home

I don't have pictures of our new house yet, because there's not much to show. I will take some pictures this weekend - if I find my camera, so you have have an idea about space, and the mess it is.

We have a telephone line, yey! No wardrobes or sofa yet - boooh.

Still discussing with the landlord some bits and pieces that hopefully will be solved before the next rent (for his sake).

Baby steps...

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Tired as a dog (?)

This is me in a near future: slimm and tired.

May the force be with me.