Sunday, October 26, 2008

Three more days to go...

And off we go on holidays!!!!!!
Uhuu, can't wait!

Well done me!

Four times weekly going to the gym for three weeks now. No noticeable results yet, but Rome wasn't built in a day. :-)

2009 Plans

And 2009 calendar is getting in shape. So far we have booked and paid for:
* 14 February: Russel Peters at O2
* 02 March: Metallica at O2
Anything to make winter pass by quicker.

Back to "normal" time

Our clock went back one hour. It's 9.20pm instead of 10.20pm. :-)
Shorter days, here we go.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Money doesn't grow in trees!

* A simple dentist check up - well, just the cleaning bit and it is not even with a proper dentist - costs £100!! Ok, in Brazil is not that cheap either, but let's not compare quality here and there. I feel sorry for myself.

* A vacuum cleaner cost us £ 64.00 and the cleaner is not even happy with it. She asked us to replace it with something else. Yes, m'am.

* Spent £200 this week. And I don't even remember how!

... in the meantime, our fridge is so empty that it echos.

(before parents start panicking: no, we are not starving)

Sunday, October 05, 2008

25 days...

... for a two week holiday in Tenerife. :-)

Collecting stuff

Cipri and I have this bad habit of collecting stuff. Yesterday we bought a Hoover. Hoover is how British call vacuum cleaner, but it is in fact a brand of vacuum cleaner. The hoover is about a meter tall, which means that we will have big problems storing it. Anyway, we really needed one and now we have one new big item for when we move again.

A post for Roberto :)

Here are a couple of images of our flat - a little less messy than the previous ones. Or not. Well, the second bedroom is way more organized now.
I found out that Roberto still reads this blog from time to time, so I guess I need to keep this updated.
We can't get rid of this pile of stuff by the book shelf (laziness).

So, this is the "new" room. Wardrobes both sides, no mess on the floor! Still some organization needed.