Friday, June 20, 2008

Ok, I'm done for the day. I'll pass the laptop to Miclaus.
Goodbye and goodnight!

Oops, they didn't again!

There you go: Turkey has presented us with another surprising game!
My two new favourite teams in the EuroCup 08 are Turkey and Spain.

By the way, shame on you Portugal: I lost £20 because of you. Hunf.

Anger is the enemy of perfection.

I've deleted this post by mistake - I'm so angry with all this flat situation that I'm writing like a maniac and ended up deleting the wrong post.


Here is the Llods TSB Bank commercial. The soundtrack is so catchy that I can't help singing it wehenever I heard it.

Everybody singing together:

Oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh, OOoooooooooooooooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooOOOOOOOOOOh

Since I am in the list mode...

Things I am grateful for (per request)*:
1) Cipri
2) Friends
3) Mum
4) Rio de Janeiro / being Brazilian
5) The sun, the sea, the trees - nature, basically
6) Ice cream
7) Internet
8) Having a Portuguese grandpa
9) Mirror
10) Having a nice life despite the little problems
* Not exactly in this order

10 things I would have done differently

1) I would have studied more - at school mainly - and gone to Public Relations at UERJ
2) I would have been a friend/closer to some specific people
3) I would have practiced sports (or been more active)
4) I wouldn't have eaten so much and so unhealthly while in England and put on so much weight
5) I wouldn't have said some of the things I said - I would have said somethings I haven't.
6) I would have followed my instincts more often
7) I would have worked harder in things that would have taken me somewhere and worked less in useless things
8) I wouldn't have moved to this actual house
9) I would have continued the Spanish course in Rio and studied another language - French or Italian probably
10) I would have read more books
Funny, this is a tough list. I think I have little regrets in my life.

Pause for the Euro Cup

Croatia and Turkey are my new favourite ever game. Beautiful. Unbelievable. Exciting. The way football should always be. :-) Now I like football again. Boo Rugby.

B-day wish list III - Why not?

1) More time.
2) More energy.
3) More patience.
4) More money.
5) More courage.
6) Less stress.
7) Less anger.
8) Less anxiety.
9) Less arrogance.
10) Less noise.

B-day wish list II

1) Tops
2) Underwear
3) Belts (black, brown, red)
4) Dresses
5) Jeans (denim)
6) Nice comfy black heel-less boots
7) Weight watchers membership (ha-ha I'm kidding. Not. Maybe I am not...)
8) Hair brush/comb
9) Perfum - not a sweet one
10) A gym bra
Cipri, enough? Hope it helps.

My birthday wish list - the first 10

1) Win the lottery
2) Work for sport, not for necessity
3) A new home
4) A pet
5) Someone to look after the pet
6) 340 days of sunshine
7) Temperatures between 20°C and 25°C the whole year around
8) Manicure every week, pedicure every other week, massage every now and then
9) A niece or a nephew
10) Rest in peace but continue alive

Monkeys bite me! (SIC)

Man, I so want to fast forward time! I think I've made my mind: I want to leave the flat we are living in now. The landlord sucks, the neighbours upstairs suck. Our life in this place has never been great, so we never had the chance to really feel at home. It's a shame, because now the house is looking better than before. We didn't put much effort to decorate the house because of all problems we had since the beginning - and the fact that we don't want to carry loads of stuff when we move to another house - but we have inherited some of Mariana's stuff when she moved and now it almost looks like a proper home.

So, a while ago the neighbour was here to complain that I put HIS rubbish (he left old doors, broken windows, luggage, etc etc etc in OUR garden) outside on the sidewalk. Cipri was dealing with him for ages. I got angry because Cipri's dinner was getting cold and the guy talks a lot and always the same bullshit, so I went outside and screamed my lungs out and said all the things I kept to myself during these last 5 months. Bastard - now I'm looking forward to Monday so I can investigate what actions we can take against him. Basically my weekend is ruined.

Ruined my ass!

Nopes, my weekend is not ruined. I will have a very nice Saturday, with some of my good friends at home. Hopefully they will help us to set fire to this house when we move. haha Just kidding.

Monday, June 16, 2008

A picture is worth a 1,000 words

... but what's the point if I don't download them to the computer?
Images I want to share, one day:
The 'new' car
The 'new' house
The 'new' hair
The horrible snail in the bathroom
Sunshine in London

Celebrate good times, c'omon.

Sunday, June 22nd
A beautiful day

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Plans for next week

I just hope that the weather will be as nice as it was today. Warm sunny and very few clouds in the sky. I'm thinking celebrating birthday with a lunch at home next Saturday. Still haven't decided though - if the weather is great, I would prefer a picnic at a park.

Delicious weekend

Starting with yummy lunch at Rodizio Rico (a Brazilian barbecue place, each as much as you can style) to celebrate Guilherme's birthday on Saturday and then a nice morning at the park nearby where I manage to (pretend to) rollerblade. Still so scare of falling and/or breaking something that I hardly try anything different from moving forward. Slowly I'll get somewhere.

Euro Cup 2008

Just seen the most unexpected game so far: Czech Republic vs Turkey. Very exciting 2nd half, like all football matches should be.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Is this luck or what?

The folks at work organise this sweapstake every time there is a horse race or an important football event, i.e. Euro Cup/World Cup.

I don't care much, because I understand very little about football and even less about horses. But that was easy - just pick a paper from an envelope and wait for the result. So I took part for the first time and guess what? My horse - New Approach - won the Epsom Derby 2008. :-)

I got £10, enough to by lunch, and my hapiness for the day.

Sex and the City

Surprise-surprise, it is a good film! Quite a fun girlie night too - we went to a pub nearby to grab a salad (typical food pre-SATC) and a glass of wine (or two, in Mariana's case). We had a great laugh thanks to this very drunk - and Executive type, sort of - guy who decided he wanted to marry Mariana. Marry-Mari. He tried, and he tried hard, we have to say. And he wasn't the annoying type of person, so although Mariana didn't accept his proposal - technically she is still married, so she couldn't even if she wanted to - it made our nights. We were ready for the film! :-)

Indiana Jones is good fun as well, but don't expect too much of it.

In the list: Iron Man, Mongul, and... and... and...

Christmas plans

I have no plans for Christmas (and New Year for that matter) yet, but I would love to visit Romania - hoping it will be extremely cold and full of snow! :-) I just need to convince Cipri - anyone to help me here?

Either that or a very hot place with lovely beaches (like Australia, Mauritius, Thailand, Bora Bora, Seychelles,...).


Finally our car had its first shower! Judging by the state we bought it, it seems not to have seen water - except for rain - for ages. It was a quick car wash, on those clautrophobic machines, but it is looking decent now. The next step is to get it clean on the inside; it could use a nice vacuum cleaning and proper cleaning, especially in the booth.

I'm so proud of our little one now; I miht even post a photo of it. :-)

Shopping mode

I'm on a shopping mode. This is the bad news. Shopping is bad for your bank account, especially when you are planning to buy a house in two years time and cannot save money for the deposit. The good news is that I can finally get rid of some old clothes thanks to my new ones. :-)

But I've been quite well behaved. I just buy things that are reasonable in price and dress well/are useful. Like a charcoal barbecue - gas is crap you have to agree. :-) Well, I have high hopes for the summer. We had such lovely days since Sunday (ok, it was a bit cloudy in the evening), with sunny days and hot weather. These last two days I've been "researching" shops for work, so I've been outdoors quite a lot. So nice to wear t-shirts and "sweat" for a change. :-)

Bloody doctors

Doctors in the UK are crap. When I have the patience I'll update you on this.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008


In theory I'm crossing my 'astral hell'. Not sure if this is how it is called in English, but wha-eva; it is that horrible period 30 days of hell that starts 3 days before your birthday. No bad news, just annoying things, such as the walls of the house (dining room and bedroom mostly) full of mold because of humidity caused by the neighbour's refurbishment. Nhem.

Tomorrow we will have a girly night at the cinema: we will watch Sex and the City. Just a bunch of fine ladies. Of course, a pitch stop at the pub first, because we are ladies but we live in the UK.

The car? It's still here, working ok (making some weird noises - noises of very old car, you know?).

This Friday I am going to cut my hair - I decided to share the news after reading on Ioana's blog that she cut hers. I love having my hair cut, but the cheapest place I could find here was being a guinea pig at Toni & Guy and the experience was bad. I'm trying the 2nd cheapest option - £30 (around $60/R$120). Not too bad considering that near my house the haircut is roughly £50. Mind you, I leave in a ... not very fancy neighbourhood.

Friday I am also going to the doctor. Wish me luck. I'm going to try to sort my weight gaining and skin problems. Hopefully I'll come out with some good advises.

Friday we will also go for a team lunch - it will be Jenny's leaving do (and my 1st year at work, but we are not celebrating it). Jenny is a very nice girl and it is sad that she is leaving. Loads of people at work are leaving. Makes me think that soon I should be thinking of changing my life a bit. I'm don't think of changing jobs yet, but... hmmm... house? hair colour? hmmmm, changes are always welcome.

And the last news of Friday: although we don't have summer in the UK we will have summer Fridays at work. This means that we will leave at 2pm every Friday until August to enjoy the rain and cold outdoors. Or go to the cinema, or the gym, or the pub, or anywhere indoors. Booooo.