Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Music & Me

Tonight we will go to a show of a Brazilian violinist. For free. This means that I am already enjoying the program. When you are far away from home, you tend to enjoy everything that reminds you home. I might cry next time I listen to funk pancadão and gunshots. A couple of days ago I watched some snippets of Chacrinha's show and it was a mix of missing the good times and embarrassment for spending my Saturday afternoons watching that thing!

Cipri played a track of this Romanian gypsy band we are going to see next week and he was saying exactly that: this is the type of music that he didn’t like – and was ashamed of – but in London he will not only see them live, but also paid 20 quid for the ticket! At least there is a possibility to meet Johnny Depp there. If this is the case, it will be the most well-spent £ 20 in History. At least my history! :-)

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  1. I SOOOOO know the feeling, I tend to cry listening to Zezé Di camargo e Luciano at Rodizio Rico, when at home I would simply turn the dial...


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