Thursday, December 13, 2007

No visits for us

I guess Cipri's friend read the post about the tiny sofa and decided not to come anymore. Or maybe it's really his wife pregnant.

Gift vouchers

Ok, so my Christmas vouchers are divided like this: theatre tickets, a few things for the house, loads of clothes and make ups and perfumes for me. I feel so alive being so girlie sometimes. I'm thinking about buying a nice coat.

British people are so irresponsible

Today I passed my theory test to get an UK driving license. I am so close to become a living weapon.

It's cold or God turned the air con on?

Beginning of last week the weather was quite mild. Temperatures around 12-15°C, which is quite good. But since Saturday it's been freezing. Literally. Today was sunny but the cars were covered in ice. Me don't like this.

Worse than the cold, is the darkness. Sounds like a metaphore, that I want some enlightment here, but no. It's very frustrating not to see daylight at all. The sun wakes up at 8 am and goes to bed around 5 pm these days. Unfair. Worse in Jan-Feb.

My super extra warm duvet is not enough.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Final countdown


Didn't work today (see a couple of posts below), tomorrow I have a meeting where Judas has lost his boots at 9 am (meaning I probably will have to leave the house around 6.30 am), Wednesday more meetings, and Thursday too. Friday is the only full time day in the office. Next week we have the company Christmas party on Monday (the other arm), Tuesday (ours), and Wednesday (just the department - the whole day!). Thursday and Friday will be probably tiding to go on holidays.

Speaking of which, you won't see me around from December 23rd until January 9th! Maybe 10th if the trip to Ireland (don't get too excited, it's business trip) is confirmed.

I'm tired already.

The first time we never forget

(some "first times" we do, I must say)

So, last week was the first time that I did a presentation to an audience of unknowns and for more than 5 people in the same room. We had some workshops and I had to present the marketing activities we did in 2007 and are planning to do in 2008. Nothing really bizarre, since this is my job and in theory nobody better than me would be able to talk about it. But explain this to my body. I am definitely not a social person. I blush in Secret Santas - even when it's only family involved. So you can imagine the disaster to give a "speech", in English, for 30 people. The first group was (literally) painful, the second was less stressful, the 3rd I was bored to death, but even though I couldn't be relaxed enough to have an easy-going chat and not seem that there was a script to be followed.

All in all, it wasn't too bad, but I wish I didn't have to repeat these things again. Unfortunately, they are talking about having these workshops twice a year. Lucky me.

And some news on the house - now almost a home

First, let me explain to our international readers how life in London works: either you invest in your (rented) home, buying nice equipments, furniture, etc., or you live. And if you are renting, there are good chances that you go for a furnished house to avoid the hassel of having to move all your stuff from one house to another. Yeah, I know I should buy a dryer machine, but usually it's either the landlord providing it, or you just get used to having clothes all over the house and taking almost a week to dry in winter. The landlord didn't provide us with a washing machine with dryer, so there you go. Favela-neighbourhood project.

But, here is the deal: in three years time we (I) have plans to buy a property, which means that we (I) can furnish it however we (I) want to. :-) This also means that we (I) will be attached to London and the UK for, say, 25 years. Oh well, just in time to retire and move to the Bahamas.

My train of thought got to the wrong track and now it's lost.



Oh, yeah, the house. So today we received the new sofa-bed. Dudes, it looks like a cradle. So tiny!! I'm shocked. I mean, Mariana has one exactly the same, but I don't remember it was so small. *disappointed face* I think it is because she has two sofas (I was told off because I say couch instead of sofa), plus an armchair. Our living room is a bit naked, with just the TV rack and now the little sofa-bed.

Well, at least now we can receive visits properly. :-) And the first official ones are arriving sometime next week. Cipri's Romanian friend, his wife and two daughters. They live in Paris, so hopefully they speak English (!), as my Romanian sucks. I don't think I can get away sing "la multi ani cu se natati"(sic x 1000) for three days.

Strange thoughts

With so many people around getting married and/or having babies, I'm starting to have very funny thoughts. Like quitting my job and going to Australia to sell coconut water on the beach.

And speaking about money...

... some people complain with their belly full. (I hope it makes sense in English too). My company gave us gift vouchers to spend on whatever we want in selected stores (and the list is generous). Of course, me being so practical, I was thinking about getting supermarket or Argos vouchers to buy groceries or stuff for the house. Stupid girl, why don't you spend with something for you? Something you would never spend your rich little money in?

Good thought, I'll buy some make up! :-D

Almost a month later...

No lame excuses this time; I've just been extremely lazy these last weeks. Blame the winter coming and the lack of daylight.

Today I took the day off. I was planning to spend a long weekend in New York with Cipri, but there were more cons than pros, so I decided to spend the whole weekend doing nothing in London (meaning, at home).

I have to say that the latest weeks were quite boring, with a lot of work to do, Saturdays inclusive, and nothing much exciting happening in my life.

And because I hate boredom, I tend to do things I wasn't supposed to. Like spending money and making plans way in advance. The latest purchases, though, are cultural ones. Last Saturday I bought tickets to see Radiohead at the Victoria Park on June 25th - Wednesday - at 4 pm! Do you know what this means? Yeah, I'll have to take a day off of my holidays to be able to attend it. But it's Radiohead and the tickets were "only" 50 quid (Two years ago, the tickets were £100+ on eBay, the only way to buy them).

End of March - around Easter - I will also see the sweethearts of my youth. I used to be a huge The Cure fan when I was around 10 years old. Robert Smith, this guy with a spider hair, was "the most gorgeous man (sic) ever". Kids, they know nothing about life.

Anyways, I decided that I was going to see as many cool shows as possible in 2008. After all, this is the beauty of being in London - the potty of the world. If you don't take advantage of the amount of cool bands that stop by for a quick show or travel everywhere, you're better off dead.

Ok, a bit too dramatic, but it's the only way I can feel less guilty for spending almost £200.00 for a couple of hours (bare in mind: two tickets each day - I don't even know if Cipri will join me).