Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Boy, so many videos to edit. I was looking at my files and I haven't edited stuff od Denmark and Italy yet. I guess I didn't film anything in Budapest or Munich, which is a relief.

Somebody once said I could wash tennis shoes in the washing machine. Is it true?! I'm washing two of them now and the noise they make when they bump into the washing machine door and sides is scary. I hope it won't break the damn thing.

So... I will become a blood donor very soon. I tried to donate in Brazil four times and only one succeeded. Funny enough it was for Herbert Vianna, while he was still in the hospital. Well, not exactly for him, I supposed, but to replace part of the blood he used. I think it is a very nice gesture and I am not afraid at all, but I had bad experiences with amature nurses that almost blew my veins. It's ugly! I'll give another try, this time in London. I hope I save some lives and my place in Heaven will be secure, despite not being always a good girl. :-P

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  1. nao enquanto vc estiver tomando remedio pra emagrecer, fofis... passei MUITO mal quando fui fazer isso na epoca que mummys tinah cirurgia. Avalie aih se tem de ser agora...


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