Friday, September 14, 2007

We have new readers. Interesting! :-) Welcome, Ioana, mi casa su casa. Sometimes I read your hubie's blog, but I have to confess that my Romanian is not that good. So I end up just looking at the pictures. My repertoire of blogs is very diverse now. Three in the US, some few in London, many in Brazil, one in Thailand (sorry Carmen, but from time to time I need to check how cute Andrei is), one in Romania, one rarely updated in Australia...

Hakuna Matata

I guess I am the only soul in the building. I can hear the laughters of the people at the pubs downstairs. But I cannot leave work yet. Well, I can, but I shouldn't. Unless it takes too long, because I won't miss the play because of work - oh no, no way mister.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

As you can see, I am very bored inspired today. And when I am bored inspired, I need to find something to entertain myself. Usually I go for the less useful thing in my list, like blogging.

Last time I was like this I decided to cut my hair. It was mid-week, 11pm. I saw Bourne Ultimatum (highly recommended by the way) the night before and I am really impressed with those films where the girl needs to change her look quickly, so she grabs a paper scissor, cuts her hair with no mercy and - voilá - there you go: the cutest haircut ever! One day I will do something stupid courageous like this. That evening three weeks ago I just cut a bit. Randomly.

New style

A long long time ago I found a very funny blog, from a Brazilian girl. Me, so stupid, didn't bookmarked it and now I have no idea which blog it was. It was those situations that you start clicking on all links and end up so far away from the origin that you cannot even trace your way back. OK, it was a metaphor, you can always go to the History.

Anyways, this girl had this writing technique that I liked a lot and decided to copy be inspired. I will call this technique politically correct honesty. :-)


Mari lent me a book: Memórias de minhas putas tristes (Memoire of my sad whores), Gabriel García Márquez. In Portuguese. I can't remember which was the last book in Portuguese I read.




I guess it was The Stranger, by Albert Camus, which I read on the plane, flying to London, almost two years . Quite appropriate, huh?

Speaking about books...

+1 said I should rename the "Book I'm reading" section to "Book I am NOT reading". That book is a bit boring, I have to say. Oh, well, what do I know; I think I read 10 pages so far. The guy criticizes people that use PowerPoint in presentation - the type of bad presentation that we should avoid - and I am quite curious to learn what are the alternatives he suggests. But... nhé... I don't even know where the book is. I guess I've packed. Smart ass.

More videos

Check out the surfers in Munich. This is a river.

My room is a mess, but don't tell anybody.
Iha! I've started partying heavy this week. Monday, ship party with loads of important people (well, they are important for body), free food, nice view, few friends, moustache-50-year-old-guys. Tuesday late cinema session ("Breach"). Wednesday working until late. Thursday English class (kind of), Friday Meytal's birthday in Camden. Not gonna talk about my weekend now.


The tube strike is over. I'm glad I don't have to take the tube anymore. I'm a aboveground person.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Where do the children play?

More Scotland (*photos by Cipri)

The castle! Beautiful. Expensive. £ 10 to get in. And it belongs to the people, not to the government (Queen)!

This is the cow. The one with big horns. Hmmm, in fact, I think it is a "he". Hamish is his name.

This is a monument for some Scottish writer. Walter somethin? £ 3 to go up.

Mari & I during the Loch Ness trip. You can see on our faces how exciting it was!

So many nice buildings that we spend a lot of time looking up.

My fair Scotland

I can't remember what is exactly what in those pictures, but they are nice and this is what matters. Almost all building in Edinburgh are like this. I love this kind of very old architecture. Oh, by the way, Scotland is so cool that those scenes of Harry Potter going by train to his school were shot in Scotland. :-D

This guy works in the Hostel we stayed (reviews to come soon). I have to tell you: guys weren't those kilts are cute! They are so masculine; I'm impressed. We arrived in the middle of a rugby game Scotland vs South Africa. They were all dressed properly and they all looked very nice.

This is a couple. Get a room, you two!

I tried to upload this photo on my other blog (Clima) but it didn't work. This photo was taken in Edinburgh - a very nice park where the lovely Scottish people go for a walk, or pic nic, or just to look the view, which by the way is amazing.

I have to confess that despite the chilly wind, I L-O-V-E-D Edinburgh and I would easily exchange London to Edinburgh if I found a nice job there. On the other hand, it's alright to live in London and go to Edinburgh on holidays.

The photos below where all taken in this trip.
Below is Cipri & Mari in the same park. I guess we went there the three days.

Us, trying to figure out where we are, where we came from and where we are going.

Boat trip in Loch Ness (not recommended. I remember going to a nicer museum in 98).

Mari & I with a lovely garden behind us. It is a sort of tribute to the Scouts.
Cipri & I. Same place, same day. It was sunny but cold (15-16°C)!

Yo gabba gabba

Now there's a party in my tummy, so yummy, so yummy!

Rá, better than Bonde do Tigrão.