Tuesday, April 14, 2009


So, it was Easter last weekend.
In theory, you're not supposed to eat meat if you are Christian (right?), but we totally forgot about it.
In theory, we were supposed to travel somewhere, but the weather was crap and we were EXTREMELY lazy. No, not EXTREMELY, in fact SUPER DUPER MEGA WOW EXTREMELY lazy. So so so lazy that we even felt guilty for doing nothing.
I'm feeling very sick of sleepiness.
The holiday in the UK is Friday and Monday. Wouldn't mind having the whole week off tho.
The weather is still improving. But I need more than just good weather and sunny days. Drugs? A new job? A new body? A new home? A new life? I just know that I am feeling exhausted all the time without doing much.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

What's new in London?

Credit crunch - food prices up, rents down, unemployment up, £ down.
Spring - temperatures up and down (but this is London and it is expected to be like that), but lovely flowers everywhere, more sunny days than ever, and even some very warm days.
Longer days - yes, it's summer time and the days are loooooooooooonger. I L-O-V-E it!
Exercising - now it is getting serious. Ran 5km today. Target: 10km every Saturday and Sunday.
New neighbours - just moved in. A young couple with a cute baby.
Stabbing - saw my first stabbing in London. Not nice, but nothing really major.
Moody - can't help it. can't do much about it. but it's annoying.
Broken - my laptop has a massive crack underneath it. I'm surprise it still works. Survivor.
Getting there - still more plans than actions, but who's in a hurry anyway?

Back from the dead

With a horrible headache, back&neck pain, but still alive and kicking.