Wednesday, May 30, 2007

just another post

Sometimes I just wished this blog was in Portuguese. So much easier to write in my mother tongue. But again, I have to practice English if I wanna stay here for the next years.

Do I want to stay in London for the next years? I guess so. By "next years" I mean the next... 15 years or so. My dear reader (one thing I love about the English language is that there is almost no gender in nouns - better than having to think politically correct and write leitor/a) must be thinking that this is quite odd, since the only thing I do is to complain about London.

Let me defend myself! I do complain about London. The place is one of the most expensive countries in the world, finding a good job is not that easy, some neighborhoods are ugly and even dangerous, most of the people have no hygienic habits whatsoever, there are rats everywhere, the houses are small and old, the sky is 80% of the time gray… and I can continue on and on and on. But I never said this is the worse place in the world! It is not better than Rio, but it is not worse than Brasília. I would change living in London to living in Kansas, for example. Or Dubai. Or Oslo.

The reason why I complain is just because I think it is more fun to complain than to say “oh, I see butterflies, the world is so colorful and beautiful, the wind is like opera to my ears”. Opera is so damn boring! Anyway, I lost my train of thought here. Nevermind.

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