Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Now this is a random post

Did you know that September 07 was the month I most published posts on this blog (25 posts)? And it was followed by May 07 and June 08 with 23 posts each, July 08 and June 07 with 21 posts each, and August 08 with 20. Amazing. Now here is another information that will change your life forever: other than those, no other month had more than 15 posts in total. A-ha, and this coming from a girl that has loads to talk about. Or not.

Breaking news: I didn't publish one single post in March 2008, the only month with absolutely no entries since the launch of this blog in February 2006.

Hold that thought.

February 06 - February 09. 3 year of The Sky is Gray... Again. February 20, 2006 was when the first post was published. And here is a quote from the very first post: "...because I think too much and act too little".

A quick fact about February 2006. We subscribed to Cineworld card and we watched 27 films in a month. 3 years later we are still members and we probably watch 2 films per month, if that much.

And another thing worth mentioning: I didn't use to make sense then, as much as I don't make sense now. Geez.

Everybody is a character

I've seen on a couple of blogs already, but it's a rather interestingly weird idea. Some people, to avoid exposing their friends, acquaintances, enemies, family, spouses, lovers, or even themselves, give nicknames to people in their stories. So, instead of saying Cipri this, Cipri that, I would say Dracula this, Dracula that. Only those from my inner circle would understand. Or not. Some people even go further and name their friends' A, B, C, D... I have short memory for these things so I would definitely need to right down all the codes. I rather stick to the obvious nicknames. Obvious for me. So I'll give it a try from the post below onwards. It might help while writing the book.

The book is on the table

Friend Lillywhites & I are in a jointly effort to break into the publishing industry. Yes, we are planning to write a book. Loads of ideas. Random ideas. Lots of non-sense. For you. They make sense for us. Can't say much more at this stage.

Monday, February 23, 2009

A bit sleepy, a bit awake on a shitty Monday evening...

... and a simple weird chat on the train home can be the highlight of your day. Sad.
So this old drunk guy struggles to get in/on to the train, which was almost leaving the station. He looks like he is going to die after all the run. Instead of being quiet to catch his breath, the damn guy starts chatting with everybody around.
Old drunk guy: Hey mate, how are you?
Old bald guy: I'm very well, what about you?
ODG: You see, I'm handicap and it was hard to get in the train.
OBG: Where are you from?
ODG: I'm from 'Doblin'.
OBG: Oh, so you are from another country. You don't belong here.
ODG: Yes, of course I am from another country. But my daughter is a ballerina here. One of the finest ballerina in Great Britain.
Lady next to the old drunk guy stands up to leave the train: Excuse me sir, my station. It was nice chatting to you.
IDG: It was nice chatting to you too.
(and the lady leaves the train)
IDG: Nice talking to me... she didn't say a word! Nice talking to the hand.
Young guy half British half Pakistani: And what are you going here?
IDG: I love London, I love England, I love Londoners - it's all great shit
YGHBHP: ha-ha
IDG: You look miserable.
AELFP: Of course, I live in London. Look around, mate, everybody is miserable in London. Look at the commuters! It is life in London that makes people miserable.
Me, half sleeping half awake: speak to yourself, dude.
Well, I didn't say anything because I was too sleepy and too grumpy to chat with strangers, but in my dreams I did. And I also said "can you all please shut up for another 3 stations??? Thank you very much."
But of course nobody heard me because thought-reading is not a technology available for everyone.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

1 month and a half later...

Geez, we are almost two months through 2009. Scary.

I'm a bit lost with my New Year's resolutions... Ok, it's too early to start complaining that I haven't accomplished much (anything yet, as a matter of fact) but problem is: I didn't really start acting!

I'm going to the gym today for my health check up and hopefully come out with a plan to tackle the problem (problem = lazyness + sleepy + putting on weight + not losing fat + lack of energy).

I'll keep you posted.

Friday, February 06, 2009

With love from me to you

I think this ad is so so sweet. Not sure if it was aired outside the UK, but there you go:

And here is a parody - which I think is very clever. hehe

Thursday, February 05, 2009

To Cipri, with love from me to you

Here are the places I want to go soon. If possible this year or 2010. :-)
Thanks in advance, C.
Above and below: Mauritius Islands
Above and below: Croatia
Above and below: Iceland
Below: northern lights in Iceland
Above: midnight sun and below: Fjords - both in Norway

Monday, February 02, 2009

When the ship goes down, you better be ready!

Soooooo, today is such an usual day in London. People haven't seen so much snow since 1991! It started yesterday evening - we were having dinner with some friends at a Portuguese restaurant not too far away.

I've been here for 3 years and I haven't seen so much snow since. In fact none of us have since it hasn't snowed that bad for 18 years. Or maybe the only British of the group has. Oh, well. Above: Cipri and I by a random car opposite the restaurant around 8pm. Below, me getting home around 8.15pm.

Below: the view from our living room around 9pm. Below: the view from our window today, around 10am, after part of the snow has melted already.
Above: the street I walk to go to the train station - and the street I almost fell. By the way, the trains were all cancelled and I have to work from home. Oh, and it's supposed to snow more and more tonight.