Saturday, October 31, 2009

Forgot to say...

That we saw some few films recently:

* Away we go, directed by Sam Mendes - Cute, good to watch on a rainy Sunday at home.
* The new Bruce Willis film (is it that obvious that I can't remember the name?) - nothing new or special about. Quite predictable I have to say. It's probably a bit too pretentious.
* Up - I love animation and I thought it was sooooooo sweet. The first part is just beautiful, I felt like I missed a life that I wish I had. I know some people that didn't enjoy it, but for me it mixed a bit of drama, comedy, and adventure. The stupid glasses are unnecessary as the 3D effects are rubbish. Oh, the opening short story is very sweet too, and don't bother waiting until the end of the credits, there's nothing after them.

Still some few films we want to see, so let's see if we can fit at least one next weekend.

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Short weekend

I had to work today, from 9am to 3pm. It was a good day though, everything went right, no big problems apart from a major delay, kids were all happy, and the balance was really positive.

The only problem is that the weekend will be shorter and on Monday I'll be exhausted. I'm planning to go to the consulate to renew my passport on Monday morning; Tuesday morning I have a doctor appointment (hmm, this reminds of needing to book a dentist appointment as well), Wednesday evening we have a quiz night at work, Thursday morning I have a loooong meeting outside London, and Friday we have a filming for work. In summary: not only a short weekend, but also a loooooooong week. I'm hoping to squeeze a couple of workouts days in my week. Sometimes it's good to be busy. :)

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Thursday, October 29, 2009

It's just a long way home...

I have a love-hate relationship with talking. I would love to be very quiet, but I can't help talking too much. I hate talking to much!

I have to practice the power of silence.

Because I talk to much, I'm gonna get home so late... I'm hungry, cold and tired and I probably would be at home by now if it wasn't for all my talking.

Ok, maybe I just miss speaking Portuguese...

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Confessions of a grumpy woman

* why the heck a group of people stops at the exit of the tube station to check the map at rush hour????? Sometimes I just hate tourists and wished they all went back home.

* why people leave everything for last minute, when they are aware of what's coming ahead for ages??? Sometimes I wish I could simply say "it's your problem, not mine". I guess there are small letters in my contract saying that part of the job is cleaning other people's mess.

* the week didn't start that well and it looks like it won't finish that well either. And at the same time I'm trying to sort out problems, I can't stop complaining about problems. I think complaining is so counter productive, especially if you are complaining to people that have nothing to do with them and can't really help you sort the problems.

* ok, complaining sometimes is good. But too much is tiring. I've been complaining a lot lately.

* it's so difficult to get anywhere in London. Nothing is as simple as going from A to B. You have to go via A1, A2, cross A3, avoid A4...

* oh dear, now the last of the evening. I hate when I'm waiting for the tube/train/DLR and some smart ass just gets in front of you even if it means staying past the yellow line. I wonder if these dumb asses are the ones who fall on the tracks. Almost well deserved.

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Monday, October 26, 2009

Confessions of a stressed woman

I've been really tired lately, and when you are tired you can do silly things not worth mentioning to anyone (or maybe they can become a post if you don't blog for long). In less than a week, I managed to:

* wash a dirty glass in the bathroom sink. I had milk in the kitchen but for some reason I went to the bathroom to wash it.
* walk near work looking for a particular restaurant and 3 minutes later I couldn't remember what I was looking for and worse where I was.
* clean my face using nail polish remover.
* use Mr. C's shaving foam as deodorant (just under one arm though)
* buy body wash thinking it was body moisturizer and use it at the gym after shower. And wonder why the heck it would spread properly and be all sticky.

Ok, I'll stop now as I might miss my stop (again) and it's not nice.

But just to finalise: all good with me, not crazy yet, no major damages. Wouldn't mind some holidays though. 30 days to go.

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Monday, October 19, 2009

Off sick

I don't have swine flu (or whatever it's called these days), but since Thursday I haven't been feeling very well and despite not really enjoying missing work I decided to stay at home today. I wish that I could stay at home for the week and that my mum lived in the flat above so she could take care of me. But life is not always the paradise we would like it to be and what's the point in staying at home if all you do is to think about work?
Just had a tasteless spaghetti. I should cook when I'm unwell (and there's not much at home). Not that I am hungry but if you have to eat at least eat something decent, right?
We've watched loads of gymnastics this weekend. I really like it - although after a while I can loose interest. Sometimes I can be easily impressed and I was impressed with the poor Colombian girl's fall. I'm sure she is alright, but she must be feeling miserable.
I also heard the Brazilian F1 GP (sorry, I can't find the patience to watch it, unless it's full of accidents to make it a little bit more exciting). I watched the highlights later on and it was the first time I saw Jenson Button - he is kinda cute, huh?
It was TV overdose weekend for us and we finally managed to see the whole season 1 of Damages, with Glenn Close and a bunch of others. Good, now we need to start season 2. I have a love-hate relationship with TV series. Love, because if the plot is interesting, I can go on and on watching every single episode. Hate because I think it's such a waste of time and brain mass. It's good to relax, but if you watch too many, your life is gone, if you watch it once in a lifetime you forget what the story is about and might have to start the whole thing again.
That's all I have for now, folks!

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Oooh, I forgot this one...

Saturday we are also going to Dream Theatre - after Brighton.

DT is one of Cipri's favourite bands. I don't them that well, but it's good.

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For the records: I love my boyfriend

I'm not going to say he is the best boyfriend in the whole world
because my friends will protest and claim that their b-friends are the
best, but I can say he is the best b-friend for me! :)

He is soooooo cute and he is washing the dishes everyday because I've
been working to hard and been very tired and he wants to see me happy.

He is soooooo understanding. Whenever I have my girlie attacks and buy
some unnecessary item, and I get home almost crying and wanting to
die, he just laughs and says it's ok.

He is soooooo patient. I'm such a moody person and I have horrible
freak outs and he never explodes or argues with me. He just gives me
the space I need and asks me if there's anything he can do to make me
feel better.

He is a great partner. He always goes with me to the most unusual
events even if he is not in the mood. He calls me every time he goes
to the supermarket to see if I want something. He buys my favourite
soup without having to ask. He says that the food I cook is good even
when it's not.

He is generous. He gives a lot and asks so little. Sometimes he asks a
lot, but within reason.

Next week we are celebrating 4 years together. :)

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Doing something this weekend for a change

This Friday is Marcia's pre-bday celebrations and we are going for
pizza (or pasta: the ricotta/spinach caneloni is good). Yummy.

Saturday is time to go to Brighton to visit Ben, Ana's 2-months old
baby. He is sooooo cute. I haven't met him yet, but the pictures don't

Sunday is bear-mode: sleeeeeeeeeep! :D

Can't wait!

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So much for nothing...

Left work 19.55 and I thought I wouldn't make it to the 20.07 train. I
actually got at the station at 20.05.45, just in time to run to the
platform to get my train. Not.

The train has been cancelled (not sure why) and I'll have to go
elsewhere to get another train.

The beauties of a wet evening.

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Tuesday, October 06, 2009


I haven't been to the gym in ages. Two weeks to be precise, and the
last times I went was for Pilates classes. Pilates is great to tone
your muscles, but I think I was one a much heavier stage, so it feels
I'm just fooling myself.

Anyway. First time in two weeks. Last weekend I just left my bed to go
to the kitchen and the loo. So, really not exercising at all!

Today I worked a little bit harder and now I feel exhausted. Plus I
had to run to catch my train - proper running. I feel like my heart
will explode!

Geez, no more breaks for me!

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Thursday, October 01, 2009


Mr C kinda educated me to go to bed by midnight. He is happy sleeping 7 hours per night so he goes to be by midnight and his alarm goes off at 7.30am. 30min bonus sleep.

I'm quite used to sleeping very late, say between 1 and 3am. I was like that when we didn't use to live together. I was worse when I didn't have to work (or on weekends).

So because of Mr C my sleeping hours are from midnight to 7am. Lately I've been so tired that I went to bed at 10pm (woke up at 6am though). With the proximity of winter, this tends to get worse and I might end up sleeping at 9pm. Like the children.

Sleeping is so good.

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Nearly there

Thursday is almost over. Can't wait to sleep until very late this weekend.

Hmmm, the agency is coming at 9am on Saturday to check the flat. Damn.

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