Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Get this party started

We, Brazilians, have to deal with ignorant people asking if we live near the jungle, if there are monkeys and lions (Brazil is not Africa, stupid!) or elephant (nor India!) around. Tsc tsc tsc, and look with what I have to deal in my bathtub! A damn spider!! It is not possible to see the size of the monster on this picture, but I can assure you: the devil was huge! Not as big as a Tarantula, but it was almost there.

I hate insects, especially those that can kill you. I hate cockroaches, but I can kill them, as they are (apparently) harmless. Despite of the “crack” and that yeaky white thing it releases when you squeeze one, a cockroach will not bite you and kill you. But spiders?! I have no idea about that huge one, but I would swear she (yeah, it has to be a she) was just waiting me to get in the bathtub to kill me once and for all, leaving no chance for defense.
And off we go! Adriana is in town and on her first night in London we took her to a Vietnamese restaurant. We were 40 minutes late (oh, yes, here you have to book the table if you want to eat in certain restaurants – in Brazil too, but if we don’t and the restaurant is packed, we go somewhere else) and we could only stay for 1h30 (this is how long your reservation is for). The food was good, nothing really especial (for me) but the service was really bizarre. They don’t need customers, so they can afford to expel people from the place. At least it was cheap! After the trauma, we went to a pub nearby. The nearest tube station is Old Street, but we went through so many shortcuts that I can’t really remember where it was. Below: me and Marco.

The place is nice; the street is full of other nice pubs. It was crowded inside, the atmosphere was strange (a good strangeness), a little bit expensive. I’ve tried to take some pictures there, but, you know, new camera, didn’t read the manual, etc, etc. Below: Cipri, me, Adriana, Marco & Maryam (everybody with the same 'fake' smile, except Adriana). Hey, look at my tan! W-O-W! :-D

Well, folks, don't complain. I was almost killed by a spider, I am almost being killed by school, so I have no strengh to come up with nice stories for now. Gotta go back to my soap opera (telenovela is the right word).

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

A quickie!

I might not have anything nice to say these next days, as there's nothing special going on here. I do have nice plans, but they are basically for end of May and August. Hmmm, Saturday a friend of mine is arriving in London for a week, gotta find something nice to do; maybe something new for me.

I realized that I love the sea, but things from the sea disgust me a bit. I don't like fish swimming too close to me, I don't like to swim near corals, I am scared to death of jelly fish and crabs and hedgehog (brazilian people: this is "ouriço"). And things like this one here make me sick. How "yeark" is it? Yeark!

I confess that, in spite of all this fear, I would love to take diving lessons and be able to go deep down and see all kind of fish and weird animals. If they keep a certain distance, would be really nice. If they don't, I will certainly panic at some point.

So let me tell you some not very good news: British Council has realized that it has deposit 800 pounds extra in my account and I will have to return (of course) this money. The problem is that this money went to my account in November, quite a long time ago. Thank God I'm a saver and I have this money on my saving account, so in the end it won't be so bizarre. But I have to confess that I'm not so happy with that. Whatever.

So let me tell you some good news: next Monday my mom will find out if she is finally Portuguese. If so, she just have to "get married" (meaning: register her marriage - although she is divorced - with the Consulate) and after that I can finally be born (meaning, become Portuguese). Don't like to celebrate before things actually happen, but I can't hide how excited I am with the possibility of having this before the end of the year!

See what I mean by me being scared of sea creatures?! They are horrible!!! Yeark!

By the way, I don't like snorkeling; I always swallow water with that thing. Ok, let's blame me, not the snorkel. Anyway, when I was younger I used to breath through my mouth due to my allergies, which was a sacrifice, so I am a bit traumatize too.

Wow, I could be a guinea pig for psichology, with so many traumas and childhood problems! Maybe I should feel less guilty when my mom lend me some money, because if I am that traumatized, in part it is her fault. I hope she is not reading this. If so, mom, this is a JOKE!!!

Ok, I think I said everything (everything what?). Nothing new happening around here, some plans, some hopes, some wishes, but nothing concrete enough to talk about. So I must leave now.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Back to life, back to reality

I was afraid I've forgotten the password of my blog. I'm even allergic with all the dust that accumulated here. But I'm back in business! :-D

I can't talk much now, firlty because I need to think what I can write here and secondly because I have to study hard and if Cookie knows I'm here, he will leave me without chocolate tonight.

Anyways, what I can say is that due to medical recommendations, I had to go out on a plane trip. I was out for nearly two weeks, and hopefully it was worthy and I will be fine for the next 6 months. By the way, I manage to get a nice tan too, swimm in the sea, and eat different food.

Some really good news:

Cookie said 'yes' and on August 27th (a bank holiday here, end of summer) we are going to the Reading Festival (which is in Reading, a city near London) to see PEARL JAM!!!! Yeap, I couldn't be happier with that. Placebo will play as well, but I'm not that fan. The tickets were quite expensive, but it definetly worths the money. I hope Cookie will enjoy as much as I will.

Last 15 was out 6 month anniversary. Time flies, huh? Six months = half a year! By the way, in 5 months I get rid of school! Well, let me put in other words: in 5 months I will graduate and get my super dupper Master diploma! Can't wait for it.

It isn't so cold here anymore. Of course, we still have to go out on jackets, coats, long sleeves shirts, but the sun is warmer and this means that soon I will be able to wear my summer clothes (you wouldn't believe how many of them I have here).

I have to go back to my essays. As I said, time flies and I have to finish one this week and I barely finished the introduction. Shit!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Phew, gotta be patient

I'm going to spend two weeks in a cave, probably no contact with the world outside. I had bad news today: my cacti (wow, first time i'm using the plural of cactus in my life) are all dying. My mom gave them to me coz I don't like to take care of plants and animals (she also gave me a huge plush turtle - how should I it: teddy-turtle?), and cactus doesn't require much care. But it doesn't mean that it doesn't require care at all.

I'm trying to avoid the same boring subjects, such as portuguese citizenship, essays, projects (school in general), shitty weather in London. I also don't want to keep babbling on the trips of my dreams, and which places I would like to visit and so on. I feel like talking about concrete things; let's leave the abstractness of life to my annoying Critical Theory classes (what is a body and what a body can do? And all those spinozian-deleuzian-whateverian non-senses).

The only thing concrete in my life is my belly and my huge thighs. No concrete plans to start a diet or working out though. Did I tell you that I missed the tickets to Radiohead concert? The pain was really concrete and the possibility of going is so abstract...

Speaking of concreteness, I ate chocolate cake tonight. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know what you will say, but my asha­medness (cool word!) is as concrete as my appetite for chocolate and fatty food (by the way, to those who want to start on a diet, I recommend watching "Supersize me", the film, for inspiration).

See you on Easter Sunday. No meat,kids, but chocolate is allowed. Have fun!