Thursday, January 29, 2009

Me time! Photos

Here are some random (my fave word, yey) photos of me taken recently. Enjoy.
At Madame Tussauds museum (Jan/09)
Fidel Castro
Vlad Dracul
Cameron Diaz and Drew Barrymore (personally, I don't think it looks like her)
Papa Bush
Darwin and Einstein
The Rugby Player I forgot the name (but who cares anyway, the guy is English)
Orlando Bloom
Johnny Depp
London, Dec 2008 (New Year's Eve, with the shirt Cipri's mom gave me for Christmas)
Liverpool Jan 2009
Very sober in the Cavern (with lipstick)

A bit sober in The Cavern (no lipstick)

Holidays: step by step, with photos

Saturday: drove a lot - to Lelei's, to the airport, from the airport, to the shopping, back to Lelei's, and then home. We saw a film - Forgetting Sarah Marshall - and had ice cream. Nice.

Sunday: We went to Absolute Ice Bar. The name is self explanatory: it is a bar made of ice owned by Vodka Absolute. Nice.

Monday: Lunch at All Bar One. Ice cream at Ben & Jerry. Little Hell (how can I explain this? It's a rock-gay-club-bar-ish. 2 for 1 on cocktails). Porterhouse. Nice.

Tuesday: Abbey Road. Candem Town (I bought a warm coat). Pub in Shepherds Bush with Lili's ex-colleagues. Nice.

Wednesday: Madame Tussauds. Bar (2 for 1 on cocktails). Cinema (Slumdog Millionaire). Nice.

Thursday: Updating blog. Meeting the girls (Ana, Lelei, Mari) at La Tasca, Victoria.

Friday: this is tomorrow and all I know is that in the morning we need to buy the last stuff Lili wants to take home and then airport.

Saturday: Hibernate

Sunday: Cipri's back. We are having late lunch at a Portuguese restaurant not too far from here.

All messed up

I'm on holidays but I'm in London and not doing much. My sleeping schedule is all messed up - not because I'm partying like crazy and going home late. I usually get home between midnight and 1am, which is alright, but I always go to sleep between 4 and 6am. I just love it. But this needs to change soon as from Monday onwards I'm unhappy again.

Geez, I'm tired.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

TGI Friday!

Hopefully Friday will pass by very quickly! I have a couple of meetings outside London and then home. uhuuu!

And next week I'm off on holidays - hurray!

No big plans, but wandering around London and doing touristy stuff.



As I said, I'm determined to loose weight. Not as determined as I should/could be, but well... maybe determined is not the right word. Wishful would be a better fit.

Fit. Nice word. Yesterday I went to the spinning class with my favourite instructor ever. My soul was in pain after the class, but it was SO good. I hate gym - exercising in geral. But I feel good about myself when I go. I feel better when I don't go, but I shouldn't say this out loud.
Wha-eva. So, let me introduce you to my new aquisition:This is Tanita, the super scale. Just super. Not super duper. Or super mega wow. I wasn't courageous enough to go for these ones. The super will be enough.
She is so super that my body fat is 5% lower than whatLelei's scale showed me.

I'm gonna fight the power! Today is the second day of the rest of my life - write this down.

My favourite words in English are...

Dodgy and random.

What's with the orange juice?

Ok, I'll tell you a secret if you promise to keep it quiet.
This is not orange juice. This is vodka with orange juice. My favourite. :-)
Now, schush.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Liverpool - tick

Yeah, you can all throw stones, but here is the thing: I'm not a Beatles fan, I don't like "she loves you yeah yeah yeah" and I prefer Aerosmith's version for Come Together, U2's version for Helter Skelter, and Jeff Healey's While My Guitar Gently Weaps. And between Beatles and Rolling Stones, I'm with the latter.

But I'm fair and I know that Beatles were important to the music, blah blah blah. So Liverpool, there we went. And another tick in the box.

Living in a prayer - Liverpool cathedral (one of...)

Strawberry Fields. Just the gate actually.
Getting drunk (ish) in the Cavern. This was were it all began. For the Beatles, I mean.
It was the end for us.

Me me me!

Yeah, I know. I don't update this blog since last year but now I simply can't stop.
Random stuff:
* Cipri is in NY for 3 weeks. He is back on the 1st.
* Lilian, who is in France for 3 weeks, is coming back to London on the 24th.
* Cipri and Lilian won't meet.
* Roberto is in town for 3 days and he is our guest in our royal palace. :-)
* I've been to Rugby, Coventry and Windsor this week. How exciting... not.
* Lelei and I are going to Southampton tomorrow for a show.
* I've booked my driving test for March 2nd, same day I'm going to Metallica's gig.
* I am seriously trying to loose weight but this has proven to be one of the most difficult tasks of my life. Cut drinking and chocolate are easier.
* The weather is all messed up in the UK. After a week with temperatures varying from -2C to -12C, we now have a warm week with temperatures around +8C. (sorry, i have to mention the weather... this is the United kingdom and weather is the top topic)
* I forgot some birthdays.
* I saw The Reader last Wednesday.
* I'm sleeping really badly this year.

Happy New Year!

Ok, it's been a while now, but we are still in January, and it's the thought that counts.

Lilian (Brazil) and Roberto (Italy) were in town and we went to the very exciting fireworks evening in Embankment. Hmmm, having spent a couple of NYE in Copacabana, the fireworks are not big deal at all, but it was nice to talk to -hug-drink & sing with strangers - including some Brazilians.

We went to the cinema before heading off to Embankment. I can't remember if we ate beforehand. But you can see we were drinking.

These guys were having wine while I was just having 'Fanta'.

Roberto, Lilian & I with a stranger at the back. Hello, stranger!

I think this was on the 1st January - eating a delicious spaghetti by Roberto. Again, I'm the only healthy one, having orange juice. I'm such a good girl and my mum must be so proud of me.

Thing you don't know about our trip to Romania...

Cipri almost got me killed in a car accident from Cluj to Baia Mare. Ok, it wasn't 100% his fault and we came out without a scratch, but still the psychological damage was huge. He tried to avoid running over a dog by braking the car on a slippery road and the result was that the car skidded and we ended in a deep hole. I don't have any photos, because I was too nervous to think about that.

And people still wonder why I am so scared of cars...

Craciun Fericit

Ok, it's a bit late to wish you a Merry Christmas, but I'm so lame that just now I've realised that I haven't posted the photos from Christmas and all the latest "events". Loser, that's my middle name.
Lots of snow in Baia-Mare. 10 cm? Don't know, I'm not very good at these things.

But it's beautiful, isn't it? I think so. Very cold, but lovely!

Here is Cipri 'fixing' the Christmas tree at his parents house. It got everybody by surprise because apparently Cipri is not very, errrrr, hands on.

This is me. Just to prove that I was there.

And here are the 'virtual' guys becoming real. George and Iona, with Anca - our host and Cipri's sister - in the extreme right corner.