Monday, October 26, 2009

Confessions of a stressed woman

I've been really tired lately, and when you are tired you can do silly things not worth mentioning to anyone (or maybe they can become a post if you don't blog for long). In less than a week, I managed to:

* wash a dirty glass in the bathroom sink. I had milk in the kitchen but for some reason I went to the bathroom to wash it.
* walk near work looking for a particular restaurant and 3 minutes later I couldn't remember what I was looking for and worse where I was.
* clean my face using nail polish remover.
* use Mr. C's shaving foam as deodorant (just under one arm though)
* buy body wash thinking it was body moisturizer and use it at the gym after shower. And wonder why the heck it would spread properly and be all sticky.

Ok, I'll stop now as I might miss my stop (again) and it's not nice.

But just to finalise: all good with me, not crazy yet, no major damages. Wouldn't mind some holidays though. 30 days to go.

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  1. You look like those guys from the mcdonalds breakfast advert, lol. Hope you better now.


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