Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Confessions of a grumpy woman

* why the heck a group of people stops at the exit of the tube station to check the map at rush hour????? Sometimes I just hate tourists and wished they all went back home.

* why people leave everything for last minute, when they are aware of what's coming ahead for ages??? Sometimes I wish I could simply say "it's your problem, not mine". I guess there are small letters in my contract saying that part of the job is cleaning other people's mess.

* the week didn't start that well and it looks like it won't finish that well either. And at the same time I'm trying to sort out problems, I can't stop complaining about problems. I think complaining is so counter productive, especially if you are complaining to people that have nothing to do with them and can't really help you sort the problems.

* ok, complaining sometimes is good. But too much is tiring. I've been complaining a lot lately.

* it's so difficult to get anywhere in London. Nothing is as simple as going from A to B. You have to go via A1, A2, cross A3, avoid A4...

* oh dear, now the last of the evening. I hate when I'm waiting for the tube/train/DLR and some smart ass just gets in front of you even if it means staying past the yellow line. I wonder if these dumb asses are the ones who fall on the tracks. Almost well deserved.

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  1. Chris, even when you're stressed or grumpy, you're still so funny, that I can't stop laughing! =)))

  2. If people would die out of laziness we would be an endangered species.

  3. Ditto ditto ditto. (But I suppose the maps at the exits is not the tourists fault, but whoever decided to put it there!)


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