Tuesday, October 06, 2009


I haven't been to the gym in ages. Two weeks to be precise, and the
last times I went was for Pilates classes. Pilates is great to tone
your muscles, but I think I was one a much heavier stage, so it feels
I'm just fooling myself.

Anyway. First time in two weeks. Last weekend I just left my bed to go
to the kitchen and the loo. So, really not exercising at all!

Today I worked a little bit harder and now I feel exhausted. Plus I
had to run to catch my train - proper running. I feel like my heart
will explode!

Geez, no more breaks for me!

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  1. Here is me thinking you are going on the usual PT routine :) I can go Pilates with you one of these days if you want or if you want to join me at the gym in CW let me know :*


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