Wednesday, October 07, 2009

For the records: I love my boyfriend

I'm not going to say he is the best boyfriend in the whole world
because my friends will protest and claim that their b-friends are the
best, but I can say he is the best b-friend for me! :)

He is soooooo cute and he is washing the dishes everyday because I've
been working to hard and been very tired and he wants to see me happy.

He is soooooo understanding. Whenever I have my girlie attacks and buy
some unnecessary item, and I get home almost crying and wanting to
die, he just laughs and says it's ok.

He is soooooo patient. I'm such a moody person and I have horrible
freak outs and he never explodes or argues with me. He just gives me
the space I need and asks me if there's anything he can do to make me
feel better.

He is a great partner. He always goes with me to the most unusual
events even if he is not in the mood. He calls me every time he goes
to the supermarket to see if I want something. He buys my favourite
soup without having to ask. He says that the food I cook is good even
when it's not.

He is generous. He gives a lot and asks so little. Sometimes he asks a
lot, but within reason.

Next week we are celebrating 4 years together. :)

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  1. Congrats, Chris, for your 4th Anniversary and for having such a great boyfriend =)
    Mauricio is the same way (the only thing is that, instead of my favorite soup, he buys my favorite chocolate, hahaha) - and I've been very moody lately, poor thing...


  2. Awnn so nice to see you going charlotty for a change :) And yeah we all know you are made for each other! And now hes been washing the dishes, even better!!! Congrats on the 4 years together, may many 4 still come! :*

  3. Wow 4 years already! Time flies! Congratulations! I am happy for both of you...I think bro will be impressed to read all you wrote here...cause I am.

  4. Sounds like he would make a very good husband!
    Should I tell him that?


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