Saturday, October 31, 2009

Forgot to say...

That we saw some few films recently:

* Away we go, directed by Sam Mendes - Cute, good to watch on a rainy Sunday at home.
* The new Bruce Willis film (is it that obvious that I can't remember the name?) - nothing new or special about. Quite predictable I have to say. It's probably a bit too pretentious.
* Up - I love animation and I thought it was sooooooo sweet. The first part is just beautiful, I felt like I missed a life that I wish I had. I know some people that didn't enjoy it, but for me it mixed a bit of drama, comedy, and adventure. The stupid glasses are unnecessary as the 3D effects are rubbish. Oh, the opening short story is very sweet too, and don't bother waiting until the end of the credits, there's nothing after them.

Still some few films we want to see, so let's see if we can fit at least one next weekend.

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  1. Já baixei Away we Go pra assistir, valeu a dica ;)

  2. Don't you wish you got an Ellie badge too? I did.


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