Friday, January 16, 2009

Craciun Fericit

Ok, it's a bit late to wish you a Merry Christmas, but I'm so lame that just now I've realised that I haven't posted the photos from Christmas and all the latest "events". Loser, that's my middle name.
Lots of snow in Baia-Mare. 10 cm? Don't know, I'm not very good at these things.

But it's beautiful, isn't it? I think so. Very cold, but lovely!

Here is Cipri 'fixing' the Christmas tree at his parents house. It got everybody by surprise because apparently Cipri is not very, errrrr, hands on.

This is me. Just to prove that I was there.

And here are the 'virtual' guys becoming real. George and Iona, with Anca - our host and Cipri's sister - in the extreme right corner.

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  1. Sounds like we were some kind of book characters that just jumped out of the book.


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