Thursday, January 29, 2009

Me time! Photos

Here are some random (my fave word, yey) photos of me taken recently. Enjoy.
At Madame Tussauds museum (Jan/09)
Fidel Castro
Vlad Dracul
Cameron Diaz and Drew Barrymore (personally, I don't think it looks like her)
Papa Bush
Darwin and Einstein
The Rugby Player I forgot the name (but who cares anyway, the guy is English)
Orlando Bloom
Johnny Depp
London, Dec 2008 (New Year's Eve, with the shirt Cipri's mom gave me for Christmas)
Liverpool Jan 2009
Very sober in the Cavern (with lipstick)

A bit sober in The Cavern (no lipstick)


  1. God how I love that yellow blouse looks on you! I want one TOOOOO....

  2. You should get one before they change the collection!! Not sure how, but the black necklace broke that very same day.

  3. Funny, we call him Charlie (Carlitos)!


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