Friday, January 16, 2009

Me me me!

Yeah, I know. I don't update this blog since last year but now I simply can't stop.
Random stuff:
* Cipri is in NY for 3 weeks. He is back on the 1st.
* Lilian, who is in France for 3 weeks, is coming back to London on the 24th.
* Cipri and Lilian won't meet.
* Roberto is in town for 3 days and he is our guest in our royal palace. :-)
* I've been to Rugby, Coventry and Windsor this week. How exciting... not.
* Lelei and I are going to Southampton tomorrow for a show.
* I've booked my driving test for March 2nd, same day I'm going to Metallica's gig.
* I am seriously trying to loose weight but this has proven to be one of the most difficult tasks of my life. Cut drinking and chocolate are easier.
* The weather is all messed up in the UK. After a week with temperatures varying from -2C to -12C, we now have a warm week with temperatures around +8C. (sorry, i have to mention the weather... this is the United kingdom and weather is the top topic)
* I forgot some birthdays.
* I saw The Reader last Wednesday.
* I'm sleeping really badly this year.

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  1. I am trying to loose weight too. I was wondering if we could come up with some kind of competition, and whoever loses the most weight wins. It seems that the fact that I will feel better about myself is not enough to motivate me.


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