Friday, January 16, 2009

Liverpool - tick

Yeah, you can all throw stones, but here is the thing: I'm not a Beatles fan, I don't like "she loves you yeah yeah yeah" and I prefer Aerosmith's version for Come Together, U2's version for Helter Skelter, and Jeff Healey's While My Guitar Gently Weaps. And between Beatles and Rolling Stones, I'm with the latter.

But I'm fair and I know that Beatles were important to the music, blah blah blah. So Liverpool, there we went. And another tick in the box.

Living in a prayer - Liverpool cathedral (one of...)

Strawberry Fields. Just the gate actually.
Getting drunk (ish) in the Cavern. This was were it all began. For the Beatles, I mean.
It was the end for us.


  1. Again with orange juice?

  2. I'm not a great fan of Beatles myself but I admit their huge success back then and even now...they are so long lasting. I don't know if there will be someone to compete with them...
    Sorry for my "lack of culture" what's with that Steawberry fields? :)


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