Thursday, January 29, 2009

Holidays: step by step, with photos

Saturday: drove a lot - to Lelei's, to the airport, from the airport, to the shopping, back to Lelei's, and then home. We saw a film - Forgetting Sarah Marshall - and had ice cream. Nice.

Sunday: We went to Absolute Ice Bar. The name is self explanatory: it is a bar made of ice owned by Vodka Absolute. Nice.

Monday: Lunch at All Bar One. Ice cream at Ben & Jerry. Little Hell (how can I explain this? It's a rock-gay-club-bar-ish. 2 for 1 on cocktails). Porterhouse. Nice.

Tuesday: Abbey Road. Candem Town (I bought a warm coat). Pub in Shepherds Bush with Lili's ex-colleagues. Nice.

Wednesday: Madame Tussauds. Bar (2 for 1 on cocktails). Cinema (Slumdog Millionaire). Nice.

Thursday: Updating blog. Meeting the girls (Ana, Lelei, Mari) at La Tasca, Victoria.

Friday: this is tomorrow and all I know is that in the morning we need to buy the last stuff Lili wants to take home and then airport.

Saturday: Hibernate

Sunday: Cipri's back. We are having late lunch at a Portuguese restaurant not too far from here.


  1. You sure had a busy week! I envy you for being in holiday...luckily weeked is near.

  2. And I was forced to stay at home another two days because of the weather... how sad.

  3. Wow! you are pretty busy. Or is it because someone was not home?

  4. Awnn I love our pic! I may go to the mural pretty soon :)


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