Tuesday, June 03, 2008


In theory I'm crossing my 'astral hell'. Not sure if this is how it is called in English, but wha-eva; it is that horrible period 30 days of hell that starts 3 days before your birthday. No bad news, just annoying things, such as the walls of the house (dining room and bedroom mostly) full of mold because of humidity caused by the neighbour's refurbishment. Nhem.

Tomorrow we will have a girly night at the cinema: we will watch Sex and the City. Just a bunch of fine ladies. Of course, a pitch stop at the pub first, because we are ladies but we live in the UK.

The car? It's still here, working ok (making some weird noises - noises of very old car, you know?).

This Friday I am going to cut my hair - I decided to share the news after reading on Ioana's blog that she cut hers. I love having my hair cut, but the cheapest place I could find here was being a guinea pig at Toni & Guy and the experience was bad. I'm trying the 2nd cheapest option - £30 (around $60/R$120). Not too bad considering that near my house the haircut is roughly £50. Mind you, I leave in a ... not very fancy neighbourhood.

Friday I am also going to the doctor. Wish me luck. I'm going to try to sort my weight gaining and skin problems. Hopefully I'll come out with some good advises.

Friday we will also go for a team lunch - it will be Jenny's leaving do (and my 1st year at work, but we are not celebrating it). Jenny is a very nice girl and it is sad that she is leaving. Loads of people at work are leaving. Makes me think that soon I should be thinking of changing my life a bit. I'm don't think of changing jobs yet, but... hmmm... house? hair colour? hmmmm, changes are always welcome.

And the last news of Friday: although we don't have summer in the UK we will have summer Fridays at work. This means that we will leave at 2pm every Friday until August to enjoy the rain and cold outdoors. Or go to the cinema, or the gym, or the pub, or anywhere indoors. Booooo.


  1. Wow, I inspire people. It is more that I have wished for.
    How about we share? We give you some blue skies and hot air, and you give us some rain. That should make for some nice weather everywhere. One condition: I get to leave at 2PM on Fridays too.

  2. This idea just pop-ed into my mind: Do you guys have plans for Christmas? How about a trip to Romania?


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