Friday, June 20, 2008

Monkeys bite me! (SIC)

Man, I so want to fast forward time! I think I've made my mind: I want to leave the flat we are living in now. The landlord sucks, the neighbours upstairs suck. Our life in this place has never been great, so we never had the chance to really feel at home. It's a shame, because now the house is looking better than before. We didn't put much effort to decorate the house because of all problems we had since the beginning - and the fact that we don't want to carry loads of stuff when we move to another house - but we have inherited some of Mariana's stuff when she moved and now it almost looks like a proper home.

So, a while ago the neighbour was here to complain that I put HIS rubbish (he left old doors, broken windows, luggage, etc etc etc in OUR garden) outside on the sidewalk. Cipri was dealing with him for ages. I got angry because Cipri's dinner was getting cold and the guy talks a lot and always the same bullshit, so I went outside and screamed my lungs out and said all the things I kept to myself during these last 5 months. Bastard - now I'm looking forward to Monday so I can investigate what actions we can take against him. Basically my weekend is ruined.

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