Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Shopping mode

I'm on a shopping mode. This is the bad news. Shopping is bad for your bank account, especially when you are planning to buy a house in two years time and cannot save money for the deposit. The good news is that I can finally get rid of some old clothes thanks to my new ones. :-)

But I've been quite well behaved. I just buy things that are reasonable in price and dress well/are useful. Like a charcoal barbecue - gas is crap you have to agree. :-) Well, I have high hopes for the summer. We had such lovely days since Sunday (ok, it was a bit cloudy in the evening), with sunny days and hot weather. These last two days I've been "researching" shops for work, so I've been outdoors quite a lot. So nice to wear t-shirts and "sweat" for a change. :-)

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