Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Christmas plans

I have no plans for Christmas (and New Year for that matter) yet, but I would love to visit Romania - hoping it will be extremely cold and full of snow! :-) I just need to convince Cipri - anyone to help me here?

Either that or a very hot place with lovely beaches (like Australia, Mauritius, Thailand, Bora Bora, Seychelles,...).


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  2. Hey, we'll be in Romania for Christmas if this helps at all...??
    Good luck with the convincing!!!:)

  3. I'm the right person for convincing you!

    But we will have to know by September - October if your answer is yes! so we can book something together for New Year's Eve. The nice places are always taken from advance. And we'll try something nice, snowy and adventurous....hehhehe ....and this is only the INTRODUCTION.

  4. Apparently everyone likes this topic since you have so many comments to this post :)))


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