Friday, June 20, 2008

10 things I would have done differently

1) I would have studied more - at school mainly - and gone to Public Relations at UERJ
2) I would have been a friend/closer to some specific people
3) I would have practiced sports (or been more active)
4) I wouldn't have eaten so much and so unhealthly while in England and put on so much weight
5) I wouldn't have said some of the things I said - I would have said somethings I haven't.
6) I would have followed my instincts more often
7) I would have worked harder in things that would have taken me somewhere and worked less in useless things
8) I wouldn't have moved to this actual house
9) I would have continued the Spanish course in Rio and studied another language - French or Italian probably
10) I would have read more books
Funny, this is a tough list. I think I have little regrets in my life.

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