Sunday, October 28, 2007

The living room

So, this is where the house "ends". The window faces the street, or the entrance of the original house.

Little has changed since when these pictures were taken. Now we have the Sky box and the broadband rooter and another curtain.

This blue thing on the floor will be substituted by a (-bed) when we decide to visit IKEA - or even buy online. The clothes are there temporarily - until we receive the wardrobes, which will be in the next couple of weeks (fingers crossed).

When the weather is shit (90% of the time) we have to dry the clothes inside the house. We choose to leave them by the heather, to dry them faster, but sometimes it takes 2-3 days to dry the clothes in-door. Oh, the fire place doesn't work. And besides the sofa (maybe two), we don't know yet what else we will have in the living room.

So, this was our little house. Still a long way to go. We will post pictures when we have some progress. :-)


  1. Bela casinha! Pergunta: nao da pra comprar uma secadora pras roupas nao:-s?
    Quantos aos seus worms, no outro apt acho q tb apareciam uns no banheiro. Na verdade, nem lembro mais se foi no apt anterior ou se era la no Rio:-o my memory sucks.

  2. Nice place you got. I am sure you will make it into a home soon enaugh. I have only one suggestion: get a drier, for clothes, it is very convenient, it may take some space, but not more than the clother take when you try to dry them, and saves you time, if you want to wear something in a couple of hours but it is dirty, you can wash and dry it and wear it that day. Something to think about.



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