Sunday, October 28, 2007

The house!!!! (Still to become a home)

Welcome to our humble house!

As many houses in London, the original two floor house was divided in two flats and ours is located on the ground floor. The entrance is at the back - the main entrance at the front leads to the upper flat.

There's a little wooden gate that takes you to this area, our flat. The window near the rubbish bin is our room's. Every Tuesday we need to take the bin outside; it's when the garbage people collect it. We forgot last Tuesday and now the bin it full and we are trying to squeeze the remaining rubish in.

So many little things we have to get used it...

This is the house entrance. Well, second entrance, as the first is the wooden gate.

If you follow the corridor you get to our little garden. It's quite messy now, because the weather is not inviting for barbecues or so. Also, we need to sort inside to then decide what to do outside. I have many plans, such as getting a barbecue, a shelter, outdoor heathers, chairs, plants...

Back to the main house... when you open the door, you have this... a tiny laundry area. Usually the wahsing mashing is inside the bathrooms or kitchens. Not too bad to have an area for it.
From here on, you will find pictures of our house in order of appearance. Suggestions are very welcome. :-) Visitors too!

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  1. Nice house and I'm sure it will become a home for you. I wish you goodluck in arranging things up! It's not easy but sometimes is a pleasant thing to do! We just had that few monts ago and still going with the pe patient!


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