Monday, October 22, 2007


Don't get too close otherwise I might bite you. Geez, I'm in such a horrible mood. There's this say in the likes of the more negative you are the more negative your life will be (or something like that). I've been so grumpy lately that maybe it is because of the things aren't working that well.
Today I was 15 minutes locked outside the house because the damn key decided not to open the door. I was about to punch the windows - as I did when I was 10 years old - when I decided to call Cipri to ask where he was. He is so sweet; he knows when to keep his cool when everything is about to fall apart. If he had said "yeah, go for it", I would have smashed the windows.
Instead, I cursed the landlord, the landlords party, the landlord's family, the landlord's neighbourhood, and you got the point.
There's nothing worse than being locked outside the house when you are desperate to pee (if you are a boy, it's not such a big deal...).
Oh yeah, we have ONE curtain (the bedroom one; we are still waiting for the one in the living room), a landline, internet and Sky TV. Progress. And I need to find my camera's recharger. Bare with me and soon you'll get some nice pictures of the new house.

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