Sunday, October 28, 2007

The... dining room? The messy room? Office?

Here you can see the room right after the kitchen. We don't have a door dividing them (there used to be one, but the previous tentant took it out). We thought about putting some sort of curtain there, but I'm guessing that actions won't replace thoughts this year.

One of the sides, where the table and the computer are (it's less messy now, yey).

The other side, where the books and others are. It's less messy, but it still has loads of things we don't know where to put. The luggage was returned to Mari. :-) We still have some wall on this side, and we were just discussing if we would put that wardrobe you will see below (in the bedroom).

And here is the corridor that takes us to the bedroom and the living room. On the right we have some storage space - it's full of boxes, luggages, etc. Very useful.

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