Friday, September 14, 2007

We have new readers. Interesting! :-) Welcome, Ioana, mi casa su casa. Sometimes I read your hubie's blog, but I have to confess that my Romanian is not that good. So I end up just looking at the pictures. My repertoire of blogs is very diverse now. Three in the US, some few in London, many in Brazil, one in Thailand (sorry Carmen, but from time to time I need to check how cute Andrei is), one in Romania, one rarely updated in Australia...


  1. Thank you for this warm welcoming.
    (I almost said "worm", that's how good my english is) Good thing there are dictionaries.

  2. Thanks Christina!
    It's really amazing how Asian he looks while in Romania and how Caucasian he looks in Thailand...

    Word of advice: Once you got kids...going to work, is a holiday!:)

    And I'm saying this while Andrei's sleeping through the night and eating basically everything...


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