Wednesday, September 05, 2007

As you can see, I am very bored inspired today. And when I am bored inspired, I need to find something to entertain myself. Usually I go for the less useful thing in my list, like blogging.

Last time I was like this I decided to cut my hair. It was mid-week, 11pm. I saw Bourne Ultimatum (highly recommended by the way) the night before and I am really impressed with those films where the girl needs to change her look quickly, so she grabs a paper scissor, cuts her hair with no mercy and - voilá - there you go: the cutest haircut ever! One day I will do something stupid courageous like this. That evening three weeks ago I just cut a bit. Randomly.


  1. hahaha! Finalmente consegui que a janelinha dos comments abrisse aqui no trabalho! uhu!!! E com o que eu dou de cara?!?! "Uuuuh, so you decided to comment, huh? Well done!"
    FIGURA!!! =)
    Continuo firme e forte acompanhando os posts e morrendo de rir. Cah entre nos, seu humor soh compete com o do Felipe-fofo =)
    Beijoca enorme!

  2. Yeay, desbloquearam os blogs !!!!!

    And about your post, you are SOO right.
    This world of fantasy in the movies should be tarnsferred to our daily lives, don't you think?
    I've cut my fringe and it looks so ridiculous you could laugh!

    Or maybe we would be even more bored?

    Anyways, take care dear, hope they don't block the blogs anymore :)


  3. I cut my hair once, it turned out better than I thought. Some advice thou: watch for your fingers and find a good story to tell the hairdresser when you go for a real cut.
    I am with you on "What do you do when you re bored?" : "the most unusefull thing.
    sometimes it can be nice or useful for someone else.


Uuuuh, so you decided to comment, huh? Well done!