Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Back to life, back to reality

I was afraid I've forgotten the password of my blog. I'm even allergic with all the dust that accumulated here. But I'm back in business! :-D

I can't talk much now, firlty because I need to think what I can write here and secondly because I have to study hard and if Cookie knows I'm here, he will leave me without chocolate tonight.

Anyways, what I can say is that due to medical recommendations, I had to go out on a plane trip. I was out for nearly two weeks, and hopefully it was worthy and I will be fine for the next 6 months. By the way, I manage to get a nice tan too, swimm in the sea, and eat different food.

Some really good news:

Cookie said 'yes' and on August 27th (a bank holiday here, end of summer) we are going to the Reading Festival (which is in Reading, a city near London) to see PEARL JAM!!!! Yeap, I couldn't be happier with that. Placebo will play as well, but I'm not that fan. The tickets were quite expensive, but it definetly worths the money. I hope Cookie will enjoy as much as I will.

Last 15 was out 6 month anniversary. Time flies, huh? Six months = half a year! By the way, in 5 months I get rid of school! Well, let me put in other words: in 5 months I will graduate and get my super dupper Master diploma! Can't wait for it.

It isn't so cold here anymore. Of course, we still have to go out on jackets, coats, long sleeves shirts, but the sun is warmer and this means that soon I will be able to wear my summer clothes (you wouldn't believe how many of them I have here).

I have to go back to my essays. As I said, time flies and I have to finish one this week and I barely finished the introduction. Shit!

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  1. menina do ceu! o que houve contigo? ficou dodoi? pelo menos brincou um pouco nessas duas semanas neh!? fez bem! pra onde voce foi? conta tudo, eu sou curiosa =)
    btw, fui no link... como vc inseriu o template?? menina eu tentei enfiar o codigo em varios lugares e nao obtive exito =(. conta, conta!
    take care!


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