Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Get this party started

We, Brazilians, have to deal with ignorant people asking if we live near the jungle, if there are monkeys and lions (Brazil is not Africa, stupid!) or elephant (nor India!) around. Tsc tsc tsc, and look with what I have to deal in my bathtub! A damn spider!! It is not possible to see the size of the monster on this picture, but I can assure you: the devil was huge! Not as big as a Tarantula, but it was almost there.

I hate insects, especially those that can kill you. I hate cockroaches, but I can kill them, as they are (apparently) harmless. Despite of the “crack” and that yeaky white thing it releases when you squeeze one, a cockroach will not bite you and kill you. But spiders?! I have no idea about that huge one, but I would swear she (yeah, it has to be a she) was just waiting me to get in the bathtub to kill me once and for all, leaving no chance for defense.
And off we go! Adriana is in town and on her first night in London we took her to a Vietnamese restaurant. We were 40 minutes late (oh, yes, here you have to book the table if you want to eat in certain restaurants – in Brazil too, but if we don’t and the restaurant is packed, we go somewhere else) and we could only stay for 1h30 (this is how long your reservation is for). The food was good, nothing really especial (for me) but the service was really bizarre. They don’t need customers, so they can afford to expel people from the place. At least it was cheap! After the trauma, we went to a pub nearby. The nearest tube station is Old Street, but we went through so many shortcuts that I can’t really remember where it was. Below: me and Marco.

The place is nice; the street is full of other nice pubs. It was crowded inside, the atmosphere was strange (a good strangeness), a little bit expensive. I’ve tried to take some pictures there, but, you know, new camera, didn’t read the manual, etc, etc. Below: Cipri, me, Adriana, Marco & Maryam (everybody with the same 'fake' smile, except Adriana). Hey, look at my tan! W-O-W! :-D

Well, folks, don't complain. I was almost killed by a spider, I am almost being killed by school, so I have no strengh to come up with nice stories for now. Gotta go back to my soap opera (telenovela is the right word).



  2. humm, tah com uma corzinha otima, hein!
    sei que jah estou me tornando ultra repetitiva, mas... voce eh muito engracada!
    e essa mega aranha aih?! deve ter no maximo 1", neh nao?! haha... mas tudo bem, eu tb ODEIO insetos!!! tenho pavor desses aracnideos todos e mais ainda das baratas, que vc diz serem inofensivas, mas nao sao nao!!! sabia que elas podem te roer a noite!?!? eh serio!!! dizem que doi a beca!!! fogueira a todos os insetos!!!!! exceto borboletas e libelulas =O)
    bem, recebi seu email (e li! rsrs), mas acho que a resposta vai ficar pra amanha... cansadinha....
    beijocas, querida!


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