Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Phew, gotta be patient

I'm going to spend two weeks in a cave, probably no contact with the world outside. I had bad news today: my cacti (wow, first time i'm using the plural of cactus in my life) are all dying. My mom gave them to me coz I don't like to take care of plants and animals (she also gave me a huge plush turtle - how should I it: teddy-turtle?), and cactus doesn't require much care. But it doesn't mean that it doesn't require care at all.

I'm trying to avoid the same boring subjects, such as portuguese citizenship, essays, projects (school in general), shitty weather in London. I also don't want to keep babbling on the trips of my dreams, and which places I would like to visit and so on. I feel like talking about concrete things; let's leave the abstractness of life to my annoying Critical Theory classes (what is a body and what a body can do? And all those spinozian-deleuzian-whateverian non-senses).

The only thing concrete in my life is my belly and my huge thighs. No concrete plans to start a diet or working out though. Did I tell you that I missed the tickets to Radiohead concert? The pain was really concrete and the possibility of going is so abstract...

Speaking of concreteness, I ate chocolate cake tonight. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know what you will say, but my asha­medness (cool word!) is as concrete as my appetite for chocolate and fatty food (by the way, to those who want to start on a diet, I recommend watching "Supersize me", the film, for inspiration).

See you on Easter Sunday. No meat,kids, but chocolate is allowed. Have fun!


  1. chris!!!! voce entende de html neh??! posso abusar de voce?? como eu faco pra inserir uma imagem na minha template?? tipo, onde eu coloco o que? queria que ela ficasse no topo... ah, mais uma coisinha, e esse "meus favoritos" que voce tem aih?!?! eu nao tenho =( queria adicionar os links dos blogs que eu mais visito...
    beijoquitas e thank you!

  2. mulher!!! cade tu?? abandonou o barco?


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