Wednesday, April 19, 2006

A quickie!

I might not have anything nice to say these next days, as there's nothing special going on here. I do have nice plans, but they are basically for end of May and August. Hmmm, Saturday a friend of mine is arriving in London for a week, gotta find something nice to do; maybe something new for me.

I realized that I love the sea, but things from the sea disgust me a bit. I don't like fish swimming too close to me, I don't like to swim near corals, I am scared to death of jelly fish and crabs and hedgehog (brazilian people: this is "ouriço"). And things like this one here make me sick. How "yeark" is it? Yeark!

I confess that, in spite of all this fear, I would love to take diving lessons and be able to go deep down and see all kind of fish and weird animals. If they keep a certain distance, would be really nice. If they don't, I will certainly panic at some point.

So let me tell you some not very good news: British Council has realized that it has deposit 800 pounds extra in my account and I will have to return (of course) this money. The problem is that this money went to my account in November, quite a long time ago. Thank God I'm a saver and I have this money on my saving account, so in the end it won't be so bizarre. But I have to confess that I'm not so happy with that. Whatever.

So let me tell you some good news: next Monday my mom will find out if she is finally Portuguese. If so, she just have to "get married" (meaning: register her marriage - although she is divorced - with the Consulate) and after that I can finally be born (meaning, become Portuguese). Don't like to celebrate before things actually happen, but I can't hide how excited I am with the possibility of having this before the end of the year!

See what I mean by me being scared of sea creatures?! They are horrible!!! Yeark!

By the way, I don't like snorkeling; I always swallow water with that thing. Ok, let's blame me, not the snorkel. Anyway, when I was younger I used to breath through my mouth due to my allergies, which was a sacrifice, so I am a bit traumatize too.

Wow, I could be a guinea pig for psichology, with so many traumas and childhood problems! Maybe I should feel less guilty when my mom lend me some money, because if I am that traumatized, in part it is her fault. I hope she is not reading this. If so, mom, this is a JOKE!!!

Ok, I think I said everything (everything what?). Nothing new happening around here, some plans, some hopes, some wishes, but nothing concrete enough to talk about. So I must leave now.

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  1. Wanna see weird animals??? Come to São Paulo! ahahahhahaha


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