Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Now this is a random post

Did you know that September 07 was the month I most published posts on this blog (25 posts)? And it was followed by May 07 and June 08 with 23 posts each, July 08 and June 07 with 21 posts each, and August 08 with 20. Amazing. Now here is another information that will change your life forever: other than those, no other month had more than 15 posts in total. A-ha, and this coming from a girl that has loads to talk about. Or not.

Breaking news: I didn't publish one single post in March 2008, the only month with absolutely no entries since the launch of this blog in February 2006.

Hold that thought.

February 06 - February 09. 3 year of The Sky is Gray... Again. February 20, 2006 was when the first post was published. And here is a quote from the very first post: "...because I think too much and act too little".

A quick fact about February 2006. We subscribed to Cineworld card and we watched 27 films in a month. 3 years later we are still members and we probably watch 2 films per month, if that much.

And another thing worth mentioning: I didn't use to make sense then, as much as I don't make sense now. Geez.


  1. Happy birthday to your blog and to the blogger :)!
    Well I am very lazy with my blog...don't know when to find the time to write down something...very busy these days.

  2. I like the last sentence. It says very well what it is supposed to say, meaning I have no clue what it says.

  3. Lelei4:19 PM

    I knew you liked stats but not that much. Did you have to count the posts yourself or is something blogspot gives you? :)

  4. You can add a month with no bloging to this inventory!
    Hope everything is ok with you.


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