Monday, February 23, 2009

A bit sleepy, a bit awake on a shitty Monday evening...

... and a simple weird chat on the train home can be the highlight of your day. Sad.
So this old drunk guy struggles to get in/on to the train, which was almost leaving the station. He looks like he is going to die after all the run. Instead of being quiet to catch his breath, the damn guy starts chatting with everybody around.
Old drunk guy: Hey mate, how are you?
Old bald guy: I'm very well, what about you?
ODG: You see, I'm handicap and it was hard to get in the train.
OBG: Where are you from?
ODG: I'm from 'Doblin'.
OBG: Oh, so you are from another country. You don't belong here.
ODG: Yes, of course I am from another country. But my daughter is a ballerina here. One of the finest ballerina in Great Britain.
Lady next to the old drunk guy stands up to leave the train: Excuse me sir, my station. It was nice chatting to you.
IDG: It was nice chatting to you too.
(and the lady leaves the train)
IDG: Nice talking to me... she didn't say a word! Nice talking to the hand.
Young guy half British half Pakistani: And what are you going here?
IDG: I love London, I love England, I love Londoners - it's all great shit
YGHBHP: ha-ha
IDG: You look miserable.
AELFP: Of course, I live in London. Look around, mate, everybody is miserable in London. Look at the commuters! It is life in London that makes people miserable.
Me, half sleeping half awake: speak to yourself, dude.
Well, I didn't say anything because I was too sleepy and too grumpy to chat with strangers, but in my dreams I did. And I also said "can you all please shut up for another 3 stations??? Thank you very much."
But of course nobody heard me because thought-reading is not a technology available for everyone.

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  1. Hahaha, you only thought that because you live in london and you are miserable :P Now, seriously, did this conversation really take place? We gotta put in our book(s) :)


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