Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Everybody is a character

I've seen on a couple of blogs already, but it's a rather interestingly weird idea. Some people, to avoid exposing their friends, acquaintances, enemies, family, spouses, lovers, or even themselves, give nicknames to people in their stories. So, instead of saying Cipri this, Cipri that, I would say Dracula this, Dracula that. Only those from my inner circle would understand. Or not. Some people even go further and name their friends' A, B, C, D... I have short memory for these things so I would definitely need to right down all the codes. I rather stick to the obvious nicknames. Obvious for me. So I'll give it a try from the post below onwards. It might help while writing the book.


  1. A book??? Hm! I'll will be related to a famous writer...that sounds very good! Finger crossed!

  2. My resolve for what you are talking here is not to write on my blog about friends, at least not in the negative sense, and make a different blog, where nobody knows me and "bitch" there about anything I want.
    Since I do not have time to write on my regular blog the "negative" one has to wait.

  3. Lelei4:18 PM

    I love the idea, even more because it protects you from weirdos and you never know when the next will come out and stalk you. The book will be great I am sure! What could go wrong?


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