Saturday, June 27, 2009

Sardinia in photos

It's not in order, but anyway. Also, I realised that our favourite beaches are not in my photo camera, but on my video camera! Do'h! I also need to download the photos from my mobile, but the cable is at work. So, enjoy some of the few photos.
These two first photos are from a tiny beach in La Madalena, a small island Northeast of Sardinia. Very confusing to drive there, we couldn't find any beaches after driving for hours and all we could find was tiny and packed. This one was nice (the photo doesn't show the colour of the sea as it is in real life), but VERY small. Up: view of the strip of sand that we stayed. Down: view of the sea from a parking lot.

Below: Cala Luna, where we stopped after 2-3 hours of kayaking. Nice place, not too crowded, only accessible by boat (or kayak). Full of caves and nice rocky walls. Nice but also a problem as it covers the sun in the afternoon.
Below: our kayaks. It is VERY tiring, but I quite liked the experience.
Below: more of Cala Luna. See the big rocky wall? People go rock climbing there. These are not our kayaks we had several fellow kayakers on that day.
Below: ok, this photo was taken on a totally different day from the Kayak day. We were walking to a tiny beach called Cala Fuili (or something like that), one Cala before Cala Luna, but that can be reached by a footpath. Cala Fuili is somewhere by the trees. Can you see all the coast by the mountains/hills? That's our kayak "track". Apparently it is 25km of coast, but we didn't go half way through as our arms, necks and backs were screaming in pain. It was a bit windy and with all the boats coming and going the sea was wavy as well, so it took us forever to go anywhere (from Cala Luna to the next beach was about 2 hours on the way there and 1h30 on the way back).Oh, below is a better view of Calla Fuili. Problem with this beach? It's not sandy, but pebbled beach. Dude, your feet hurt like hell walking on pebbles. I thought I was going to cry!
I have no idea what's the beach below. I think it was on our way to Calla Fuili. We decided not to stop there and follow the crowd to the other one. Again, the colour of the sea in real life is sooooo much nicer!
Below is a beach (Spiagge Cartoe?) not too far from where we were staying (Cala Gonone). We went there twice. Not our favourite, but as I said it was the closest, it was empty, it's sandy beach and it is huge! The little head is Cipri's. Check the two guys with water levels on their knees. haha Sardinian beaches are very kids-friendly. No waves, shallow waters, crystal clear, fresh (not warm, not freezing).


  1. Wow now I remeber the nice Italian beaches and landscape. Sardinia seems like a destination we sholudn't miss.
    Kayaking? Hm! Tempting!

  2. I do not know what the "real color" of the sea is but what I see in your photos is gorgeous.

  3. wow, it really reminded me of Rep Dom, just dreamy, wil defo want to go there as soon as I can :) Will make sure to look ate yoru blog and get this tips when we go :)


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