Saturday, June 27, 2009

On birthday celebrations, couples, drinks, life...

My birthday was last Monday, June 22nd. We were in Sardinia, Cipri's bday present to me (oww sweet). We went out for what was supposed to be a romantic dinner. But, you know, when it comes to romance, the couple Lima-Miclaus is... how can I put it nicely?... clumsy.

We try, but it never ends up like what traditional romantic couples would call romantic. At least we always end up laughing a lot and you know what they say about laughter. It makes you younger.

So, there we went to search for a restaurant (we didn't have recommendations in that area, but I wanted to eat fish/shrimps). We found this 'nice' place called Snoopy with typical Sardo cuisine. Sardinia? Snoopy? Yeah, right. We stayed outside, where people smoked. Boo.

I was so focused on the main dish that I didn't understand what Cipri was ordering as starters. We were going to share a starter and each would choose the main dish. Fine by me. N.B.: I don't understand how Italians can be fit; they eat like crazy: starters, 1st dish (usually pasta), 2nd dish (usually meat or fish), 3rd dish (salad), desert, coffee, drinks...

So, I ordered my king prawns (I chose one, the waiter said "no, you want this one here", who am I to argue?), Cipri ordered the starters and his fish. We also decided to try Mirto, the local drink. Look how cute:

It's a champagne glass, half frozen, with the drink on top. We then understood why the waiter was laughing at us. This is an 'aperitif' drink, like Porto wine. You are supposed to drink it AFTER the meals, not before. Who cares? It tastes good, but since I'm cutting alcohol of my life, I found it a bit strong. When the ice melts, the drink diluted and I quite enjoyed.

To cut a long story short, when the starter arrived, I realised what Cipri ordered: a seafood platter. Thing is: I don't eat seafood. I hate seafood. Apart from shrimps, I can't stand any seafood, not even lobster, crabs, etc. And who would have thought that after almost four years he wouldn't remember this 'little' detail? Bless him, he felt so bad. But we (I) had a good laugh afterwards. I still think it's funny and lucky him I'm not the annoying-romantic type and didn't get upset at all (it's the thought that counts, isn't it?).
The shrimps were good, by the way.


  1. If you put it that way, it is really funny. Who is to say what "romantic" means, whatever makes you feel good. How about that definition?

  2. Awnn bless. Just nice to have a good time and make each other laugh is absolutely a must, no questions!! I really liek teh drink and I guess the answer to your question is that most food Italians east is fresh, no processed/frozen stuff, should be a big difference from our ususal chips, cheese, crisps and chocolate culture...


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