Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Few weeks ago, Marcia and Wolfie invited us for lunch in their new home. We finally met Brian and Elisa, the two poodles they brought all the way from Brazil. They are very cute and - most important of all - they don't have dog's smell! :-)

Cipri was in love with the dogs and left their house asking when we would get our own dog.

I really love dogs, but feel sorry to leave them on their own during the day. And I wouldn't be very happy to leave the poor soul behind wehn going on holidays - but I wouldn't be happy to cancel my holidays because of the dog.

Tough one but we decided that it's not really time to increase the family.


  1. Did we tell you thet we have a dog? But in our case it's easy...we keep it in my parents-in-law courtyard. I couldn't bear to keep a dog in the house: they really suffer from lak of liberty and fresh air. I'll post some pics wit it on my blog ;)...soon!

  2. I'm in a hurry so you'll excuse my grammar errors from above!


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