Monday, December 10, 2007

And some news on the house - now almost a home

First, let me explain to our international readers how life in London works: either you invest in your (rented) home, buying nice equipments, furniture, etc., or you live. And if you are renting, there are good chances that you go for a furnished house to avoid the hassel of having to move all your stuff from one house to another. Yeah, I know I should buy a dryer machine, but usually it's either the landlord providing it, or you just get used to having clothes all over the house and taking almost a week to dry in winter. The landlord didn't provide us with a washing machine with dryer, so there you go. Favela-neighbourhood project.

But, here is the deal: in three years time we (I) have plans to buy a property, which means that we (I) can furnish it however we (I) want to. :-) This also means that we (I) will be attached to London and the UK for, say, 25 years. Oh well, just in time to retire and move to the Bahamas.

My train of thought got to the wrong track and now it's lost.



Oh, yeah, the house. So today we received the new sofa-bed. Dudes, it looks like a cradle. So tiny!! I'm shocked. I mean, Mariana has one exactly the same, but I don't remember it was so small. *disappointed face* I think it is because she has two sofas (I was told off because I say couch instead of sofa), plus an armchair. Our living room is a bit naked, with just the TV rack and now the little sofa-bed.

Well, at least now we can receive visits properly. :-) And the first official ones are arriving sometime next week. Cipri's Romanian friend, his wife and two daughters. They live in Paris, so hopefully they speak English (!), as my Romanian sucks. I don't think I can get away sing "la multi ani cu se natati"(sic x 1000) for three days.

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