Monday, December 10, 2007

The first time we never forget

(some "first times" we do, I must say)

So, last week was the first time that I did a presentation to an audience of unknowns and for more than 5 people in the same room. We had some workshops and I had to present the marketing activities we did in 2007 and are planning to do in 2008. Nothing really bizarre, since this is my job and in theory nobody better than me would be able to talk about it. But explain this to my body. I am definitely not a social person. I blush in Secret Santas - even when it's only family involved. So you can imagine the disaster to give a "speech", in English, for 30 people. The first group was (literally) painful, the second was less stressful, the 3rd I was bored to death, but even though I couldn't be relaxed enough to have an easy-going chat and not seem that there was a script to be followed.

All in all, it wasn't too bad, but I wish I didn't have to repeat these things again. Unfortunately, they are talking about having these workshops twice a year. Lucky me.

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