Monday, June 04, 2007

Women are weird

To increase the risks of “shit happens” of a cloudy Monday, I decided to wax today. Yes, today. Not tomorrow. And it is not like I don’t have anything more important to do. So there I go to the bathroom with the hot wax (I said hot, right?) to wax my armpits.

Right when I am full of sticky wax under my arms, not being able to move, my mobile decides to ring. “Damn, Monday”. The thing is: I have to answer my calls. So there I went, both arms raised, running to answer the phone before the answering machine gets it. Trying to sound as natural as possible, I manage to talk for three minutes. Honestly I didn’t understand much, but when the person says “so, I am e-mailing you the details”, I relax and don’t care. The e-mail was giving the good news I mention on the previous post (still digesting).

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