Tuesday, June 05, 2007

I'm hungry, as usual

* I stopped by the supermarket to buy some food (anything, in fact, no food in the fridge). My stock of pasta is renewed.

* Sainsbury's gave me a little box of chocolates for my birthday. Oooooohmmm, they love me! :-)

* I wonder if people who love me too much will ever give me this as a birthday present: http://www.thorntons.co.uk/ThorntonsSite/cm/chocoholicweekend.htm. (It could be a "I love you so much" present too).

* I feel so loved: my mobile doesn't stop ringing! :-)

* I'm so starving that I couldn't wait for the food to cool and burned my tongue; well-done, now I won't feel any taste for a couple of days.

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  1. Ohoh... I hope it's not too late - Thornton's is borderline NON-chocolate! Too much sugar and additives... I had one of their higher end range bars with orange something a few years ago and it was okay!
    In Brighton I'll take you to Montezuma's (it's a micro-chain making the chocolate actually themselves!) and you'll cry because it's so good!
    I also found a chocolate meet-up group on one of those countless community websites (not orkut-shmorkut though, I left that a while ago...) and the first meeting is at The Chocolate Society in Mayfair at the end of this month - it would be lovely if you'd accompany me :-D


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