Tuesday, June 05, 2007

New Year, new job

* Tomorrow I start in a new job. My brain is not sure if it enjoys or hates changing jobs all the time. At least I never get bored.

* I've decided to divide my year in two: from January to June and from July to December. Two years, just one birthday. This means that I will turn 15 in a few days.

* I went to an interview today and looking at my typing test, the lady said: "Wow, you type quite fast! Did you take classes?". My prompt answer: "No, many years of online relationships, I'm a pro already".

* By the way, it's not true. That I am a pro in online relatioships. I don't type fast either.

* Waking up at 7h30 am + bad night of sleep + walking under the sun of London + eating + cozy home = Christina very very sleepy.

* Christina very very sleepy + blog = non sense.

* Hey! I quit gym! Sad, but true.

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